Schlumberger: 85 Years of Operational Excellence in Mexico

Mon, 07/26/2021 - 10:42

2021 represents a year of achievements, lessons and innovations for Schlumberger in Mexico. Throughout the years, the evolution of the country’s hydrocarbon sector has brought with it challenges that have turned into opportunities to strengthen the industry. With pride and dedication, Schlumberger has been an integral part of this transformation.

The prominent energy services company arrived in Mexico in 1936 and inaugurated its local operations by running its first electric log for the giants then known formally as Royal Dutch Shell Oil Company and British Petroleum. In 1943, Schlumberger ran its first electric log for Pemex at well Poza Rica-25. These were the first wireline operations in Mexico, and represented the initial phase of Schlumberger’s presence in the country.

In the 1960s, Schlumberger consolidated its development with the creation of new business units and departments that enabled it to operate more efficiently in each one of its specialties. In 1979, Schlumberger inaugurated its first data center in Mexico, built and staffed by Mexican engineers; a huge step for the hiring of Mexican talent. 

Throughout its history, the development of new technologies has been fundamental to the company’s constant growth, built on a world-class services offering, a commitment to its clients and a constant striving to benefit the country. To this day, Schlumberger has contributed over a billion dollars of investments to Mexico’s economy, not to mention average imports and exports volumes that surpass 4,300 exchanges a year that have opened the doors to new international relationships and economic exchanges within the industry. 

This 85-year path represents Schlumberger’s commitment to Mexico and its people. The company’s national team consists of over 1,200 local suppliers collaborating in its two manufacturing centers, six operational bases and its central office in Mexico City.  

Schlumberger also maintains a close collaboration with Mexico’s universities and research centers, which are focused on the development of technologies aligned with the strategic needs of Mexican oil and gas reservoirs. This relationship has generated investment in the recruitment, training and development of the nation’s talent, resulting in a national workforce that is 90.5 percent Mexican.

Schlumberger’s commitment to Mexico goes beyond its activities and services, since it also involves the communities in which they operate. The company assumes the responsibility for the impact of its operations within an ethical and sustainable framework for the environment and society. This has been recognized by the Mexican Center of Philanthropy by awarding Schlumberger the Socially Responsible Company Award for 13 consecutive years. 

Accomplishing 85 years of uninterrupted presence in Mexico is the result of a strong effort and dedication that has made Schlumberger part of the country’s history. Today, Schlumberger aims to strengthen its relationships with its customers, with the communities and with each one of its employees, looking to achieve its ultimate goal: to create amazing technology that unlocks access to energy for the benefit of all Mexicans, sustainably.