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Director General
Ikal Oil
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The Secret of Extending Oil Productivity

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 13:31

Q: How does Ikal Oil identify opportunities in mature oil wells?

A: Ikal Oil specializes in providing integral solutions to the value chain in the oil sector. With mature wells, our technicians conduct a productivity analysis that considers various elements from the standpoint of geology, geophysics, well repair and completion engineering. This allows you to look for areas within a particular well that will deliver the best returns. We also look for opportunities in inactive wells that have the capacity to produce oil, or those that have been classified as not capable of producing. This means that a company is paying taxes on a well that is not capable of producing and that company is not obtaining any benefits. Ikal Oil activates the wells, allowing our clients to obtain a tax value.

Q: How does Ikal Oil approach projects with PEMEX?

A: We assign a technician to interact, oversee and gather information in relation to PEMEX’s future projects. We then convert this information into proposals. As the industry develops, a lot more technology will be required. Because the majority of PEMEX’s oil fields are considered mature, there is a great need to apply the latest technologies. That is where we are placing all of our efforts.

Q: What role does your company have in introducing new technologies and the technical changes needed to succeed in the industry?

A: Technology plays a very important role for us. Every time we submit a drilling proposal, we must consider the risks. This is where technology is crucial, by establishing guidelines that will solve any situation. When you apply this technology, you are looking for efficiency and as a result you are providing better productivity and this has an immediate effect on the cost effectiveness of your operations.


Ikal Oil specializes in providing integral solutions to the value chain in the oil sector.