Roberto Campero
Managing Partner for Mexico
Eclipse Solutions
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Security Solutions for a Growing Industry

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 16:01

Q: What were the principal opportunities Eclipse Solutions identified in Mexico ahead of its foundation?

A: There were two main reasons that led to Eclipse Solutions being established in Mexico. On one side were the opportunities created by the Energy Reform, and also the Telecommunications Reform. On the other side was the question over security that has always been present in Mexico. With both reforms and the generation of business activity, it was clear that insecurity would persist and potentially grow. Our job was to provide a safe place for Mexican and international companies to carry out their business. We brought together personnel with a great deal of experience to provide comprehensive knowledge of international security. Our team consists of former US and Mexican military and intelligence personnel, as well as energy attorneys and oil and gas consultants. Together, the team has over 150 years of experience in the field.

Q. What security service areas does Eclipse Solutions oversee in the oil and gas industry?

A: Eclipse focuses its business lines on the side of security advisory, and risk assessment and analysis. We provide security protection services, but these are mostly contracts for short-distance transportation of VIPs. Unlike other security companies, Eclipse Solutions is a Mexican company that does not subcontract its work to others. Our risk analysis is carried out in-house with support from our American colleagues. This transnational ability is a key value we provide. Our intention is to allow companies to be unimpeded while carrying out business in Mexico.

Q: What makes Mexico’s security situation unique?

A: In Mexico, situations change rapidly. The security status of a town, city or state can alter overnight. It is important to be aware of this. The government’s approach to criminality in Mexico, which is to meet groups directly, is a positive approach but can result in larger organizations breaking into smaller factions and creating instability in terms of localized territorial control. Due to this complexity, generalizations are difficult to make and it is therefore of vital importance to have an up-to-date picture of the security situation. Every week, Eclipse Solutions carries out risk assessments of each area in which it works to understand exactly what is happening on the ground, with our protocols changing depending on the locale.

Q: What are the problems representing the true Mexican security situation to international companies?

A: For foreign companies, there are no reliable sources from which they can glean a real understanding of the security situation in Mexico. Information in Internet and gossip do not represent the truth of Mexico and media frequently portrays a version of the country that does not exist. Clients are therefore unsure whether the information they have about Mexico is true or false. While certain areas of Mexico can present danger, the majority of the country is very safe.

Q: How do Mexican national security forces shape Eclipse Solution’s role as a security provider?

A: Mexico’s national security forces are in a stage of transition. The National Guard is just beginning to take shape and it is therefore difficult to be sure of its abilities nationally. As a security service, it is necessary that Eclipse Solutions has a strong relationship with state institutions, including the National Guard. Our federal license is a clear indication of the sound relationship we have with the state. To obtain the Federal License, which certifies that we provide the highest security services and is renewed annually, we were required to go through a number of arduous and thorough verification processes. Due to its complexity, few Mexican security companies hold this license. But we are separate from the state in that it is not our job to combat crime. Eclipse Solutions is here to protect our clients and reduce any risk to them. But if one of our clients is a victim of an assault or kidnapping attempt, the federal security forces are our first point of contact.


Eclipse Solutions is a risk management and security firm focused on the energy sector and established in 2012 by energy attorneys, consultants and retired professionals from the American military and intelligence sectors.