Samuel Pérez
Chief Financial Officer
JVS International
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Services from Better Water Use to Improve Data Management

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 12:44

Q: What circumstances led to JVS being created around the beginning of the Energy Reform?

A: Mexico is facing significant changes as a result of the Energy Reform and the transformation of PEMEX. 2015 is a pivotal year as the new laws are applied in a renewed market context. In this environment, JVS wants to position itself in advance to respond to the new challenges that will emerge for operators participating in exploration and production, especially PEMEX. JVS is focusing on environmental solutions, particularly those relating to water usage for the extraction of unconventional hydrocarbons. These will provide an exceptional opportunity, allowing Mexico to increase its production and support economic activity in regions such as Nuevo Leon, Tamaulipas, and Coahuila. These states are very dry, leading to a need for the optimal management of hydrological resources. JVS has the capabilities to analyze and understand environmental challenges to develop holistic and sustainable solutions for the optimal use of these resources, and is also focused on providing solutions that promote an increase in the production and productivity of mature fields. We are also focusing on improving data management so that PEMEX can truly become a productive and effective company, where decision-making processes are timely and accurate, based on strong data availability. We are currently studying the existing infrastructure, interested stakeholders, leading actors, governmental interests and concerns, among other issues. Once we clearly understand all these factors, including the precise goals of CNH and PEMEX, we will plan our evolution as a technology and service provider. JVS believes that business relations are essential, especially in this transformational moment. We plan to provide technological services for optimal decision- making and consulting for water management, while facilitating relations and associations between different stakeholders and actors in the energy sector. We believe that JVS can be a service provider for PEMEX, but also a strategic ally in technology services. Regarding all other companies, JVS can act as a service provider as well as as a facilitator that adds value by promoting strategic alliances between complementary stakeholders.

Q: What areas and market segments would JVS like to focus on in the Mexican energy sector?

A: JVS is confident that Mexico has a brilliant future in unconventional hydrocarbons. It is unquestionable that low oil prices have currently affected unconventional operators throughout the world. Many companies have slowed down or halted their exploration and production activities. However, we believe that there is a very promising outlook for future growth in different regions. The decrease in oil prices is only temporary. Different energy reports and forecasts show that the demand for energy will continue to grow incrementally, despite the current slowdown. We believe that the Burgos basin has a brilliant future in unconventionals, and the same applies for the Veracruz basin, which is also rich in unconventional hydrocarbons. JVS is certain that market forces will operate in favor of the development of unconventional hydrocarbons.

Q: How can JVS help make the exploitation of shale reserves economically viable?

A: JVS offers specific, systematic, and holistic solutions for water management and usage. The objective is to garner resources in the most beneficial manner, responding to the need to take care of externalities produced by hydraulic fracturing and sediment management. There are different companies offering specific solutions in this sector, yet, we believe that there is a need to interlink diverse services so that the systems for water management are sustainable.

Q: Why should PEMEX work with you in such projects and not with large, well-known companies?

A: Specialization and experience are very important. While large companies offer well-established and proven solutions, they cannot necessarily adapt to PEMEX’s specific decisions. JVS has the interest, expertise and willingness to analyze solutions case-by-case so as to develop very specific solutions for PEMEX and others. Furthermore, JVS is characterized by its capability to develop strategic alliances and relations. The company is based on relations with other firms and experts with significant expertise in distinct areas. JVS creates a context in which people and companies with diverse expertise cooperate and work together in the Mexican energy market. The capitalization of such experience implies that every solution provided by JVS is guided by professionals that dedicate their efforts to each particular challenge.