Juan Manuel Delgado
Director General for Mexico

The Shale Gas Waiting Game

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 11:57

The shale revolution is changing the face of energy markets in the US, and the same might be the case for Mexico in the future. Nevertheless, according to Juan Manuel Delgado, Director General for Mexico at Schlumberger, given the current situation companies are forced to wait for future developments. “We have to wait and see what the government’s position will be, whether Pemex will be developing shale gas or if private participation will be allowed. We are here to service the stakeholders, whoever they might be, the Federal Government or Pemex,” he says. “Whether companies like Schlumberger will be allowed to participate, or if the Mexican government wants to manage the development of shale gas on a di†erent scale, remains to be seen. If it is decided that private companies can enter the game, we will analyse if we are ready to participate directly ourselves, or if we need to partner with another organization, or provide services to another company.”

Nevertheless, Schlumberger is ready to enter the Mexican shale gas market with over a thousand patents in shale gas field development in the US, mainly for technologies and processes that will help make production profitable. “The patents are in areas such as drilling, data acquisition, and data interpretation,” Delgado explains. “All of these technologies could be implemented in Mexico.”

Delgado emphasizes that, in order to ensure that foreign companies can participate in shale gas development for foreign companies, the current model will have to be adjusted: “We are not used to participating in a tender of acreage: we want to see for ourselves what is going on down there. The contractual model will tell us if we will be going forward or not. If the government’s decision is that the IMP has to have control, reserves have to be proven first. Another