Baldemar Guzmán
Regional Business Manager Mexico
View from the Top

Smart Metering Across All Industries

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 12:55

Q: What are the main product offerings SICK Mexico makes available to its clients, and what innovations do you have in the pipeline?

A: SICK’s three divisions, Factory Automation, Logistic Automation, and Process Automation, are all present in Mexico. A unique ultrasonic metering technology developed by SICK is offered for custody transfer applications, and we have 4 Path, 4+1 Path, and 4+4 Path meters available. One of our systems is referred to as ‘4+1’ because it involves four paths and a fifth ultrasonic path within the same body, which represent the meter and check meter, respectively. We also have 4+4 Path meter fully redundant equipment, which allows the process to take two independent measurements in the same body for custody transfer. Combining the two meters in one device reduces the spools required, therefore eliminating the need to have two different meters running in tandem. We offer all three models for flare gas measurement, as well as FS500 ultrasonic meters for downstream applications. Under our Process Automation division, we also offer equipment for gas analysis. Being a US$1.3 billion company requires constant investment, and 9-10% of this figure is allocated to R&D. There are very few companies that dedicate this amount of resources to R&D.

Q: What are the main competitive advantages that allow you to increase the production rates of your customers, and improve their safety and process quality?

A: SICK thoroughly supports technology and guarantees the accuracy of its products. Our equipment meets the requirements of the NRF081 and all the international norms for custody transfer, along with the technology features and benefits. The meters, meter runs, and meter tubes are calibrated, with the meter runs calibrated by a third party according to the NRF081 to assure customers that we are in full compliance. Our company also has the unique capability of being able to handle H2S up to a volume of 25%. Depending on the gas composition we can offer different frequency settings, meaning companies are not bound to the equipment’s default frequency setup. In addition, our transducers are made of titanium, meeting the industry standard and allowing us to avoid weakened interaction with the H2S content. We have successfully provided several Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS) installed in the cement industry including the meters required in the Cactus-Nuevo PEMEX metering station, the ultrasonic meters for the second phase of the Los Ramones project, and important projects on PEMEX platforms.

Q: What are the most valuable elements of your value proposition in light of the industry-wide budget cuts?

A: One of the main advantages of our products is the low maintenance requirement, as our equipment has several diagnostics included in the software. In terms of software, we offer our clients the possibility of downloading as many copies as needed on as many computers as required, without any extra cost. We are currently working with the main EPCs, looking for partners whose projects could benefit from our technology offerings. We look forward to further pipeline projects, as this is the main opportunity for our custody transfer or flow products. We are also seeking opportunities in the downstream segment for some of our newly developed products. In addition to this, our products can be found not only in new roads, but also new airports, including the expected new development in Mexico City.

Q: How successful are your analytical and process automation products within Mexican borders?

A: Our analytical applications allow companies to identify their emissions levels and comply with US EPA as well as with the local environmental regulations. The success of our product depends largely on the commitment of companies in following the regulations. Firms in the cement industry take these extremely seriously, and we have global agreements for the sale of equipment with certain major cement producers worldwide. An important cement company made a substantial investment in CEMS this year, and SICK was awarded the contract. There are also many opportunities for our process automation products and, in this respect, we can help customers improve their processes. SICK has the capabilities for measuring up to 80 different gases, and it is the only company in the world with the capability to offer its own technology for gas analyzers, dust monitors, and flow monitors.