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Solutions at the Waterfront

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:25

Q: How have you addressed the needs of Ciudad del Carmen’s offshore sector?

JLR: The company started operations in 1998, offering mooring and anchoring services after winning the concession of 80m of waterfront and 25m of yard space at Ciudad del Carmen’s fishing port. This space is now known as the AMAPET harbor. The harbor has 5m of port draft depth, providing a significant added value for our clients and all new companies looking for a place to dock. This depth also allows us to not only accommodate a large variety of service and supply vessels, but also those that need to be loaded to their maximum capacity and that cannot be in other, more shallow parts of the port. For clients, this represents concrete savings thanks to less trips to and from their offshore facilities to satisfy their supply needs. We own all the equipment at our installations, including the cranes and other necessary technology that our clients may require. This has allowed us to become an integrated service provider and logistics partner to our clients.

JCR: Most international companies do not have or own readily available infrastructure at the Ciudad del Carmen port. This puts them at a disadvantage against national players such as Cotemar or Grupo Diavaz that do have local presence. This makes us an ideal partner for international companies like Sapura. Our 24-hour availability and our logistical capabilities allow us to address all needs and emergencies in a way that feels as if they owned those facilities. We are also competitive in terms of price thanks to our nature as a private family company.

Q: How are you taking advantage of increased activity in the Campeche Basin offshore sector?

JLR: As experts in logistics, we are currently building several strategic commercial alliances that will allow us to constantly expand our available service offering. As activity returns to the sector, new clients are coming to us with needs that we have never addressed before and we want to be the best ones for the job. For example, potential customers might need a more complete service for the supply, transportation and loading of a heavier piece of drilling equipment. Through our commercial alliances, we can provide the cranes necessary for the operation, which we might not currently own, plus land transportation to and from the harbor.

JCR: We are also expanding our service offering through companies under the AMAPET group umbrella. One of them is called Agencia Marítima Petro Offshore. This company has the API’s authorization to put up hydrocarbon containment barriers whenever diesel is being loaded or unloaded from a vessel, which is an environmental requirement. This includes on-dock loading operations, vessel-to-vessel operations at sea and on-platform operations.

Q: Being a Ciudad del Carmen offshore service provider comes with certain requirements in terms of financial structure and a relationship with PEMEX. How have you fulfilled those requirements?

JLR: Although we have not been contracted by PEMEX directly, we have definitely solved the NOC’s problems throughout the years. We have provided solutions for the company’s most prominent contractors’ operations. Just recently, we attended an emergency to repair a stuck turbine at one of PEMEX’s offshore facilities. Providers such as Marinsa and COSL, among others, operate out of our port. These companies then recommend us to other service providers and also give feedback to PEMEX regarding our performance. This has evolved into a healthy relationship, to the point where we are now a reference for the company in terms of available space whenever their own port happens to be unavailable.

JCR: PEMEX’s ports do not exactly have needs, but they do have state-sanctioned programs and vessel schedules that they have to fulfill to the letter. Since the NOC’s ports are not equipped to handle emergencies, we have become their go-to option when situations arise. By preventing delays in deliveries, companies can avoid penalizations from PEMEX


Aprovisionamientos Marítimos Petroleros (AMAPET) is a family-owned offshore service provider with its own harbor in Ciudad del Carmen. Its facilities are open to oil and gas vessels 24 hour a day, 365 days a year.