Aldrich Richter
Managing Director
MAN Energy Solutions Mexico
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Solving Challenges Through Cutting-Edge Technology

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 13:10

Q: Which limitations and shortcomings must be addressed if Mexico’s National Refinery System (SNR) is to increase its production?

A: Besides building new capacity, Mexico’s SNR can benefit from the introduction of new technology to increase the efficiency and reliability of operations, while also making them more environmentally friendly. Technology is evolving at a quick pace and these advancements can bring new capabilities to refinery operators. Today’s industrial process digitalization, which dramatically increases the efficiency of operations, marks the beginning of a new industrial era. MAN Energy Solutions brings these additional capabilities to our client operations by providing them with remote monitoring and diagnostic services. Additionally, our PrimeServ (aftermarket) team offers complete solutions, like upgrades and retrofits of existing rotating machinery, to maintain peak efficiency and reliability of process equipment. PEMEX, as the SNR operator, understands the importance of critical machinery in the overall refining process. Our commitment to PEMEX and to the country is to provide the best service solutions to the installed fleet of equipment.

Q: How is the change from MAN Diesel & Turbo to MAN Energy Solutions reflected in the products and services the company offers?

A: By addressing tomorrow’s challenges within the marine, energy and industrial sectors, MAN improves efficiency and performance at a systemic level and facilitates the transition to lower carbon fuels. Leading the way in advanced engineering for more than 250 years, we provide a unique portfolio of technologies for the energy industry. We wanted our name and brand to reflect a solution-based approach with our customers. From compressor train modules to turnkey power plants, we provide a blend of technology and services to address client needs. We deliver state-of-the-art technology, including compressors, gas and steam turbines, and reciprocating engines to key players in Mexico’s energy industry. We also focus on supplying innovative solutions for efficient power generation.

MAN Energy Solutions also focuses on providing complete solutions to customers. An example of this is the work we are doing with clients in the maritime sector, where we are converting vessels' existing engines to modernize them, making them more fuel-efficient and capable of running on less polluting fuels. Our PrimeServ aftersales service is working on both two and four-stroke engines to expand dual fuel capabilities to benefit the environment and reduce operating costs.

Q: What are the unique technical capacities that MAN Energy Solutions offers to FPSO providers?

A: FPSOs are often the best solution in deepwaters far from shore for processing, storing, and offloading oil production. Only the most reliable equipment is selected to operate on FPSOs, because technical failures can lead to a loss of production that is both costly and potentially unsafe. MAN has a world-leading experience providing equipment capable of operating reliably under conditions of pitching and rolling, and can provide online monitoring and diagnostics to the shore bases that monitor operations on FPSOs.

The teams and technologies that MAN Energy Solutions employ are fully aligned with industry standards. The company carries out processes that ensure the reliability of turbomachinery and engines used on FPSOs. MAN Energy Solutions already supports PEMEX’s tanker fleet through our Engines and Marine Systems business unit, carrying out maintenance and supplying spare parts to guarantee sound operation. This relationship requires close communication between ourselves and PEMEX Logistics, while coordinating maintenance activities. Coordination is vital, so we can maintain and repair ships while they are in operation or in the dock, thereby minimizing downtime and lost revenue.


MAN Energy Solutions employs 14,000 people at over 120 sites globally. Its leading portfolio of solutions includes compression technology, gas and steam turbines and high efficiency two and four-stroke reciprocating engines for power generation.