Fabian Mendoza
HPM Country Manager Mexico of Halliburton

Solving a Dichotonomy on Both Sides

Tue, 10/24/2017 - 16:50

As the Mexican oil and gas market opens further, more and more companies from abroad will enter the Mexican energy market.

Fabian Mendoza points out that Halliburton’s experience in global markets means it has a lot to offer to operators in Mexico. “We share our experience and lessons learned from other regions with local operators in Mexico," he says. "Sharing our knowledge and experience is important for achieving good results.

Mendoza says market newcomers can also take advantage of Halliburton’s international experience and its expertise in Mexico. For these companies, a relationship with a company like Halliburton could be crucial, as it will provide them much needed local information while offering an understanding of their international perspective.

“Although operators are experts in their fields, they are now working in a new environment,” says Mendoza. “We can help them become successful in Mexico because we know the local environment so well.”

Mendoza acknowledges the importance of Halliburton sticking to its strengths. Its vertical integration means that Halliburton is capable of providing a multitude of services or goods, even working with local providers while ensuring they meet Halliburton’s standards.

“We are going to complement our service portfolio with local companies through strategic contractual relationships, which will enhance our local offerings,” said Mendoza. “But to be able to work with them we also must hold those local companies to the high standards demanded by the market. We have been working on this improvement process for two years already, with great results.”

But this process is not easy. Each company has a different culture which can create challenges.

“We select project managers from Halliburton who are trained in managing teams from different backgrounds,”says Mendoza. “These managers also have a great deal of international experience as managers, allowing them to better understand and work with different business cultures, diverse providers, business lines and diverse customers.”

Providing such integrated solutions can increase certain risks for the company. To help alleviate these risks, Halliburton has taken a proactive role to ensure it can be present from the beginning of the project so as to anticipate customer needs.

“We prefer to anticipate our customers’ needs and be ready to meet them by taking part in the planning process from the outset,” says Mendoza.

Regardless of culture, experience, local content or any other issue, companies with operations already established in Mexico will need a strong infrastructure capable of servicing its customers.

Mendoza points out that having strong infrastructure in the country is another one of Halliburton’s strengths. “We can take on many projects from operators in the coming years,” he says. “We have a solid infrastructure with facilities across key areas.”

Halliburton operations in Mexico remain one of its key focus areas, and the Company believes in the country’s future. Even in recent tough times, with low oil prices, Halliburton stayed committed to its Mexican operations and customers. “We believe in the country and after these challenging years, Mexico and the energy industry is beginning to see a recovery.”