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Duro Felguera
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Storage Sector: The Promised Land

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:44

A: SCR was born 17 years ago with a focus on water and gas management. We started with just five people and today we have 650 employees. Seventy percent of the company’s operations is focused on gas, while the remaining 30 percent is focused on water. We have three important projects with PEMEX that are still under development: a cathodic protection monitoring project, a refinery gas emissions monitoring project and a project to control explosivity levels at workplaces. We are also responsible for reviewing Naturgy’s entire country network and its emergency maintenance in Mexico City and Monterrey, in addition to the other cities where the company is present. Our interest is to continue growing in the areas where we are already strong and to venture into new ones. The arrival of the new government has opened windows of opportunity for SCR because the Energy Reform has lived up to the expectations of medium-sized companies like ours.

Q: In 2010, SCR opened a unique training facility in Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon. What is its purpose and how has it evolved?

A: That training camp was created to develop the talent required by the technological innovations we work with. At Cadereyta, new workers are trained but we also develop and train current personnel to respond to real situations, such as fires, rescues or first aid. To date, we have trained more than 100 companies, including gas companies, such as Mexicana de Gas, Naturgy and TC Energía. All participating companies receive the certificate required by the Ministry of Labor to perform this work in the industry. Qualified labor in Mexico is expensive and through this training center we can reduce the cost of labor and improve the quality of service to our customers.


Duro Felguera is a Spanish ESCO contractor focused on turnkey project development for the energy sectors. It has ongoing projects for the construction and operation of facilities that affect the Mexican mining, energy and oil and gas sectors.