The Strategic Technology Plan

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 14:55

In 2010, Pemex and the IMP drafted the Strategic Technology Plan (PET) 2010-2024 to identify the technological needs of Pemex and align these with the research and development priorities of the IMP. Its four di†erent sections are dedicated to: the technological challenges and strategies that emerge from the business plan, associated problems and technological challenges, technological requirements to address the identified problems, and an impact assessment.


Once the Board of Directors approved the Strategic Technology Plan on June 3, 2011, the company devised a strategy for its conscientious execution. This strategy outlined the need to focus on the main challenges, identify technological alternatives to address them, map a critical path for execution, and create a platform for technology projects. The Strategic Technology Plan has a strong focus on the technological needs, and a direct impact on the performance of Pemex E&P: the incorporation of technologies to optimize production and increase recovery rates in mature fields, and the development of technologies for the exploitation of unconventional resources. Initially, the strategy was focused on the development of technology roadmaps for four exploration projects – Gulf of Mexico B, Perdido, Campeche Oriente, and Comalcalco – as well as in the exploitation projects – KMZ, Chicontepec, Crudo Ligero Marino, and Delta del Grijalva. The Strategic Technology Plan will continue to assist Pemex E&P in incorporating new technologies based on its roadmaps in order to face the toughest technology challenges, and leverage the methodology applied in other priority projects.