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Strong Company Values Help Increase Quality Operations

Julio Guerrero - Harvey Gulf International Marine de Mexico
Country Manager


Conal Quinn By Conal Quinn | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Tue, 08/02/2022 - 12:08

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Q: Why did Harvey Gulf decide to move to Mexico and who are its main clients in the country?

A: Harvey Gulf decided to make a global commitment to its customers by expanding operations in Mexico via its affiliate Harvey Gulf International Marine de Mexico. We opened an office in Mexico City as well as operations offices in Villahermosa and Ciudad del Carmen. All our clients in Mexico are very important for us. Therefore, we certified now two PSVs of 250’ DPS-2 Harvey Leader and Harvey Legend, one PSV 230’ DPS-2 Harvey Hurricane and one FSV 180’ DPS-2 Harvey Clipper under Mexican flag regulations, to ensure our customers can receive Harvey Gulf’s high standard of quality in the country.

Q: How does Harvey Gulf fulfill its promise to be the safest and greenest service provider for deepwater marine transportation?

A: Harvey Gulf is very serious when it comes to quality and safety. We make a huge effort and investment in our emphasis   to provide our customers excellent marine service and value. We are trying to bring the US’ strong safety culture to Mexico, which is not necessarily difficult but requires work. Regarding safety and the environment, the company backs up and supports the employees of its clients. Before any issues arise, Harvey Gulf carries out a risk evaluation, causing no harm to people, assets, or the environment

Harvey Gulf also carries out recruitment at a high level. Many applicants are surprised by the number of processes and documents needed to enter the company. We have technical evaluation filters and experience checks. Before letting employees board a vessel, we provide them training sessions to explain our strict safety culture work procedures.

Q: What are the company’s plans to operate its liquefied natural gas-powered vessels in Mexico?

A: Harvey Gulf owns the only LNG-powered offshore supply vessels in America. Before the end of 2022, all our LNG vessels will be LNG-battery powered, making these vessels unique in the market. With this technology the company, holds the most eco-friendly emissions systems in the world for this niche. Currently all our LNG powered vessels are working in the US Gulf of Mexico. However, in the near future Harvey Gulf have these vessels working in Mexico. We have already had business opportunities to bring them to the country and become the first Mexican Company to bring this technology to the local market.

Q: To what extent does SailPlan help Harvey Gulf cut its offshore vessel emissions?

A: SailPlan is an emission-monitoring and optimization platform that combines real-time engine, fuel and navigational data from vessels with weather, mapping, infrastructure and traffic data to benchmark, optimize and report fleet emissions.

Harvey Gulf’s goal is to become a world-leading sustainable operator, and SailPlan’s technology allows us to accurately measure and reduce our fleet’s emissions. We can provide the real-time metrics to our charterers, which demonstrates our ability to affordably run net-zero operations.

Q: What opportunities do you see to grow your client base in Mexico and what are your goals for the immediate future?

A: The goal of the company is to maintain its commitment as highest priority to protect the environment, its people, the assets and its clients, acting in a way that consistently demonstrates our core values of safety, sustainability, integrity, respect, excellence and value. This will allow us to continue growing and operate successfully in Mexico, as we prove to our clients that we are serious about these commitments. At the end of 2021, the company’s fleet increased from three to four vessels, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, which means its presence in Mexico is growing. In 2023, we expect to maintain our operations and possibly increase them by focusing on what we do best.

Harvey Gulf International Marine is a marine transportation company that specializes in providing offshore supply and multi-purpose support vessels for deepwater operations in the Gulf of Mexico and abroad.

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