Rebeca Barrios
Country Manager
RelyOn Nutec
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Supplying Safety to an Industry on the Up

Wed, 01/22/2020 - 14:57

Q: What steps is RelyOn Nutec taking to enhance safety standards in the Mexican oil and gas industry?

A: Operators already know RelyOn Nutec and the quality that our brand brings to their safety operations. Therefore, they understand that investing in prevention is preferable to repair. This is not only true of the economic side but for human capital too. With the arrival of international players and the tightening of regulation that came with the sector’s reform, a company that does not have the necessary safety training standards simply does not have the chance to win business. Safety training is essential and allows companies to provide services of higher quality with more prepared personnel.

However, the culture of safety can take longer to foster and this is the road the industry in Mexico is now moving down. National companies are progressing well in this regard but there is still room for improvement. As part of our efforts to raise standards across the country, RelyOn Nutec will deliver the internationally certified WellSharp course from December 2019. This course provides essential safety training during drilling and well servicing operations and is certified by the International Well Control Forum, the global benchmark for this safety standard. We already offer this course in other countries and we believe there is now sufficient demand in Mexico.

Q: How is technology changing the means through which the company delivers its integral safety training?

A: Technology is an important tool in RelyOn Nutec’s service provision and enables us to deliver training to those who cannot come to our training center or those we are unable to reach. The company offers over 200 courses and technology is essential to offer them all. We manage a selection of software packages that allow us to communicate digitally with our clients and deliver quality training at a distance. A good example of this is our Emergency Management training for rig workers. The client supplies us with a layout of the rig, from which we generate a digital replica.

This digital replica matches the physical rig in every way. We use this to construct various emergency situations for training the workers. They must apply for training within the digital platform to pass the course. The particular value of this course is that RelyOn Nutec tailors it entirely to the client’s situation: the rig that students train on is a recreation of their own. This gives them the most appropriate training for their real-life experience.

However, there are certain training courses that cannot be replicated at a distance and must be done on-site. One of these, which is becoming more popular as more deepwater activity takes place in Mexico, is our Helicopter Underwater Escape Training. This course provides theoretical and practical training for Helicopter Safety and Escape and requires a large pool and equipment to simulate a helicopter crashing into the sea. This must be completed at our Ciudad del Carmen base.

Q: What are RelyOn Nutec's growth expectations and where in the value chain do you expect to grow?

A: We are seeing the growth of drilling activity in the country and focusing on providing the best safety courses for the phase that the industry is in. For the past six years, we have been located in Ciudad del Carmen, in Quintana Roo, but we must expand into other areas of Mexico to grow.

We have been indirectly working with PEMEX for some time and are now interested in working directly with the company. We have vast experience in raising health and safety standards across the industry and with national and international expertise. Therefore, we want to play a central role in improving safety standards in the national oil company and doing our part for its reinvigoration. At the moment, we are in talks and will hopefully reach an agreement soon.


RelyOn Nutec is an international safety training and equipment services provider for the oil and gas, maritime, industrial and wind power sectors. The company offers over 200 courses from its
Mexican headquarters in Ciudad del Carmen.