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Tabasco Locals Keeping Ahead of Competition

José Luis Valencia - GAVSA
Administrative Manager


Tue, 01/21/2020 - 19:35

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Q: What are the key characteristics that differentiate GAVSA from its competitors?

A: GAVSA employs the best people in the industry. Our staff is well treated and paid and, in return, they are committed to the company and represent us in the best possible way. We believe it is important that our employees are trained, satisfied and healthy because working in the oil and gas industry is tough. GAVSA employs around 750 employees and growing. We had employed over 1,000 prior to the slowdown. We provide our services with qualified, certified and experienced personnel in the industry. We offer our services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day plus our operating bases located on key points. Our procedures demand more work on our side but reduces the moving time as a whole and therefore cuts costs for clients. Our procedures can reduce rig moves by days, so our clients save on the rental costs of drilling equipment, which can be very expensive. Due to our quality service, we have worked with the highest standards in the industry, we will continue to work harder to meet all clients’ expectations and satisfied all the heavy lifting and transport needs. The company also has a large equipment fleet, including over 120 industrial cranes and 200 trucks with specialized mechanical lifting systems to rig down, transport and rig up drilling rigs among other heavy machinery. We work on the most difficult lifts, providing the best security and delivery times in the industry and offering our clients the best solutions for their needs.

Q: What have been the keys to GAVSA’s ongoing success, despite the unforgiving climate of the last few years?

A: GAVSA’s entry in Ciudad del Carmen enabled clients to receive services at any time. This decision was a result of working in the oil and gas industry and understanding that availability, speed and efficiency were essential to provide a high-quality service. GAVSA has the opportunity to work with the biggest names in the industry like Halliburton, Schlumberger, Weatherford and Baker Hughes, among others. We have become a reliable supplier and have the confidence of the largest players in the market. We have never had a dispute, nor faced a penalty with our private clients. This reflects the quality of the people who work at GAVSA. The company understands that we must keep updated in terms of training and offer a modern fleet of vehicles and equipment to keep ahead of the competition.

Q: How has GAVSA adapted its repair and maintenance services to the international market?

A: GAVSA provides maintenance, verification and certification of equipment to Mexico’s modern oil and gas industry. Each of these elements could be considered a cost, but guaranteeing these elements is far cheaper than the consequence of failure through negligence or accident. We have extensive repair yard facilities where we repair and maintain all our fleet of equipment and also clients’ heavy vehicles. All our maintenance is done according to service manual procedures, which results easier for future maintenance of all the equipment.

Q: Why has GAVSA chosen to join the Energy Cluster of Tabasco?

A: GAVSA joined the Energy Cluster of Tabasco to work alongside other local or regional companies and take advantage of our collective strengths and skills. It is a fact that within a group, business opportunities expand and more doors can be opened. This cluster is comprised of companies like ours that supply heavy equipment, as well as those that have worked on advanced studies of gas fields, and others that work on improving well flow, companies working in the construction sector and pipeline sector. The cluster can provide comprehensive and integrated solutions, can take a project from beginning to end and can access business forums and contract discussions better than each company could do it by themselves. We have taken the step of organizing ourselves so that we can compete against the large international companies that have monopolized the market in recent years. It is crucial to this cluster that only ethical companies with sound business backgrounds are allowed to enter.

Grúas y Autotransportes Velázquez (GAVSA) is a heavy-lift, craning and transportation service provider for the Mexican oil and gas industry. It is based in Villahermosa and has a significant presence throughout the states of Veracruz and Campeche.

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