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Mon, 01/20/2020 - 14:53

Q: What is Nalco Champion’s perspective on the changes that have taken place in Mexico following the President López Obrador's election? 

A: The changes taking place in Mexico are very exciting. It is almost as though a new industry has arrived. Following the Energy Reform, many new companies with distinct ways of operating have arrived, although PEMEX still takes the lead. The previous president’s focus on attracting IOCs resulted in the underdevelopment of PEMEX. With the new administration and president, the scales have shifted and now the NOC is central to the country’s agenda. In addition, the current administration is holding IOCs to their contracts, which is accelerating development.

Q: How important is new investment to PEMEX and how can Nalco Champion help reverse production in its mature fields? 

A: If PEMEX does not receive further investment then it will be challenging for them to grow. This means that great attention must be paid to the cost-effectiveness of every peso they spend. It may, therefore, make more sense for PEMEX to concentrate on the fields and wells they already have, improving production of those assets before undergoing E&P activity. 

Nalco Champion can help PEMEX increase production on its mature fields, like Cantarell, where levels have been dropping fast for a substantial period of time. The initial investment that PEMEX makes should be geared toward existing assets that can be exploited more efficiently. Nalco Champion has had a continuous presence in Mexico since the 1980s, enjoying the good times and staying when times were tough. We have invested in Mexico and built our brand and we intend to be part of Mexico’s recovery.

Q: What are the differences between Nalco Champion’s footprint five years ago and today? How does this help the company meet clients’ needs?

A: Five years ago, we focused purely on PEMEX. This, of course, was due to the market at the time. While we had a large footprint five years ago, we have been able to maximize our strength and technology to improve our position in Mexico. Over the years, we have focused on building a robust infrastructure network to efficiently move our products to where they are needed. This focus enabled us to grow as our network strengthened and to take the opportunities that came our way, further enhancing the footprint of the company. Nalco Champion’s robust infrastructure now allows us to develop opportunities with incoming IOCs. We intend to continue growing with the new IOCs, working alongside them to aid their production in Mexico. Unlike some of our competitors, Nalco Champion is not starting from scratch and our capabilities and experience are clear.

Q: What are the experiences that best demonstrate Nalco Champion’s value-adding capabilities in Mexico?

A: Nalco Champion has been a reliable provider of in-field solutions for PEMEX through the years. When PEMEX has not been able to bring products or services to the field, we have stepped in to deliver the missing pieces. We proactively survey the potential for missing solutions during the company’s activities so that its fields can grow.

Our logistical abilities allow us to deliver products, services or materials to fields that PEMEX works in, and offers a flexible operation when budgets are tight. Our main differentiator is the fact that we focus on cost-effective solutions. The key performance indicators in the field, including oil quality and the pressure of lines, have been continuously outstanding for Nalco Champion and these results have led to increased visibility for us.

Q: How does Nalco Champion work with IOCs in Mexico?

A: Nalco Champion offers comprehensive services for our clients’ entire production lifestyle; as our client’s project advances, we evolve our service offering to match every stage of production. Most IOCs present in Mexico are currently in the design and pre-feed stage of development. Once we get samples of the client’s oil and water, our team reviews them to generate results upon which we can base risk-assessment analysis. We investigate potential issues, such as flow assurance, corrosion, paraffins or asphaltenes plugging lines – anything that can reduce the performance and longevity of a facility. We possess models and various laboratory equipment to assess these risks, which we offer our clients as a package we believe fulfills their needs.

Our clients achieve the best return on their capital expenditure when we are able to create a partnership at the start of the project’s life cycle. With early entry, Nalco Champion teams can use engineering to solve problems and avoid unnecessary costs; for example, by selecting flowlines or staying away from unsuitable pressures. By recognizing and resolving problems up front, our services prevent lost productive time and shutdowns. These are specialized services we offer IOCs.

Our national coverage also enables us to deliver timely services to any area. We operate across the country, from the northern border area right down to the south marine areas, such as Ciudad del Carmen and Villahermosa. We have a total of 13 offices, laboratories and bases dotted across the country.

Q: What are Nalco Champion’s ambitions in Mexico?

A: As with any other company, expanding our market share is central to our ambitions. Becoming involved with more IOCs would pave the way for our expansion and assure our future health. We want to be involved in each cycle of an IOC’s development, adapt to their rhythm and have that reflected in our growth plan, shifting from one stage of production to the next. We intend to work with the majority of new oil companies in Mexico. The commitment of Nalco Champion to PEMEX has not faltered. We continue to see PEMEX as an important client and we hope to support it in achieving its core objective of almost doubling production.

None of this would be possible without the team that we have built here. Mexico’s rich culture is unique. Regardless of how business is carried out in other parts of the world, Mexico is different. The opportunity here is huge, as is the talent pool. Nalco Champion has used the talent here to achieve our growth. The team that has developed over the years has allowed the company to become a market leader in Mexico as our local content personnel are the reason behind our success. This team will also be the driving force for success in the future, as we work together with PEMEX to achieve goals that will develop the country as a whole


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