Rafael Gómez
Commercial Director
View from the Top

Taking Advantage of Space to Create Community

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 19:33

Q: What are the most important industries in your client portfolio?

A: We have been in Mexico for 25 years. In the last three years, we focused on the oil and gas and energy sectors. However, when the oil and gas industry softened, we turned to the mining sector. Peñasquito was our first big project in this industry and since then, mining has been our main focus, given the volume of projects in the sector. Nevertheless, we continue to work on the energy projects that come our way. The energy industry is very structured and the procurement process is planned well in advance as the sector establishes long-term goals. Regarding our clients, we have started to work with Spanish, German and Italian companies. We are not interested in spot sales. As the oil and gas sector bounces back, driven by recent government policies, we anticipate that most of our projects will again come from that industry in the next three to four years. Our main purpose in all the industries in which we participate is to improve the living conditions of employees. These conditions have not always been optimal and this is where we can make a big difference.

Q: What added value sets COMMOSA apart from its competitors?

A: Big projects are rarely located near cities and are usually found in remote areas or close to a small town. Hotel rooms are, therefore, insufficient. If companies are looking to rent a room or a house, they face large administrative costs, and arranging the logistics can be complex. Workers not only need rooms to rest, but should be able to participate in recreational activities and have proper living areas. Dining areas, restrooms and showers are all equally important. COMMOSA creates living spaces that promote a sense of community, which is crucial to the health and happiness of employees. Distance from the jobsite must also be considered. We have a project at the moment that is around five hours from the nearest town. Security and food, among others, are difficult to obtain. Having everything available in the same place makes for a more efficient operation. We stand out from other mobile space companies by offering a wide range of products, including US or European-style accommodations, depending on our client’s preference. This is supported by the talented and experienced technicians who implement our projects and provide maintenance. Most importantly, we have a strong production capacity. Our competition is unable to meet strong demand because most do not have factories in Mexico, and if they do, they cannot provide the larger sizes we offer our customers. In addition, our locations are privileged. Our factories in Queretaro and Monterrey allow us to reach many areas in Mexico, which allows us to operate as fast as we would like to. Although we are not in the business of renting units because we are a manufacturer, we do offer rental services through other companies. About 40 percent of our materials are imported from the US and Europe. We integrate these with locally produced materials. Having these materials on hand is crucial for business. Otherwise, delivery times become uncompetitive and clients would look elsewhere. We always meet our deadlines.

Q: What measures do you take to save energy?

A: We team up with experts who know what steps must be taken to save energy. These alliances help us adapt our products to the needs of the Mexican market. Partnering with other companies and benefiting from their know-how is essential. For instance, US units come with central AC or window AC, but finding parts for these appliances in Mexico can be challenging. Therefore, we equip our units with mini splits that can be easily found in many Mexican towns. Adapting to the Mexican market is crucial, as it is quite simply a different place than the US or Europe. European systems, for instance, are more basic from a structural point of view. The American system is more complete in the sense that the norms cover the unit as it is delivered, which includes finishes and all added components. In 2020, we will have our first prototype system powered by solar energy. Our clients will try it out and decide if it is a good fit for them. But there are other ways we can save energy. For instance, we are very careful when revising our electrical installations, detecting errors and fixing them immediately.

COMMOSA is a manufacturer of mobile, versatile and modular work spaces, ready for use in short periods of time. The company, founded in 1993, works in both remote locations and inside cities. Since its founding, it has deployed more than 22,000 units.