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The Talent of the Future

Wed, 01/18/2017 - 10:01

Q: How have industry changes impacted demand for UTCAM’s courses related to oil and gas?

A: UTCAM offers various courses related to oil and gas, including Petroleum Engineering and Petroleum Maintenance. Many students continue to show interest in these subjects, mostly because UTCAM is located in a region that relies on income from the oil industry. The Energy Reform in 2013 transformed PEMEX and shifted the country’s focus to incoming private companies. Our goal is to help these players by training our students and making sure they are prepared for the changes brought about by the reform.

Q: What is the school’s strategy to ensure its students are ready for the new-look market?

A: UTCAM participates in alliances with national and international oil companies to provide students with practical working experience during their studies, meaning they will have the skills to go immediately into employment after graduation. Given the industry’s changes, oil firms want to ensure their personnel is fully trained. There is no better way to do this than to provide local employees who live near the facilities and who already have real-world working experience through the university’s program. That is UTCAM’s priority. Many students who complete the work program end up returning to those same companies as fulltime employees after graduation.

Q: How important are ties between UTCAM and international universities?

A: Agreements between Mexican and international academic institutions are critical. UTCAM is actively seeking to partner with international universities. This is a project we need to speed up because more companies will soon arrive in the country. UTCAM’s goal is to be ready before they set up operations here. Alliances are vitally important for us, not just with private companies but also with academic institutions.

Q: How is UTCAM expanding its presence in the country?

A: We are focusing on Mexico City and our new offices in the capital are a few months old. The goal is to boost our presence and to facilitate our interaction with PEMEX and new industry players. A team of specialists will be based there to provide services to all the new companies coming into the market. As we close more contracts we will also open new offices. We have rolled out UTCAM branches in Villahermosa and Poza Rica, among other locations.

Q: What is your strategy with PEMEX as it transforms into a productive enterprise of the state?

A: We will continue working with PEMEX, with which we have important contracts. The initiative to make PEMEX a competitive company is to its advantage because it forces the company to look for the best quality at the lowest cost and to be profitable. UTCAM offers high-quality services at competitive prices, with staff who have experience in commercial activity and with PEMEX. We are adapting our own team to become more efficient and to compete in the opening market.

Q: How might UTCAM work with the authorities to develop regulations for the oil and gas industry?

A: UTCAM has the capacity to help in the development of regulations for the industry. Although we are not focused on this at the moment, if a client requires this service, UTCAM can provide it. We already have a widely varied portfolio of services and if there is something else we can do we will develop the courses necessary to meet that need. Our courses are specialized, based on the needs and focus of our clients and their staff.

Q: Which types of companies does UTCAM want to work with?

A: We are open to working with any company that requires our services. If we find there are areas we are not yet servicing, UTCAM will do all in its power to develop tailored, original services to fill these gaps.