Ricardo Orrantia
President and CEO
Grupo Altavista

Technology Driven Solutions for Incoming Operators

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 16:53

After 25 years, Grupo Altavista has become quite adept at finding new technologically driven solutions for the Mexican oil and gas industry, an important provider of advanced automation and control solutions for PEMEX, which relies heavily on its SCADA systems for operational integrity. This experience is a worthy one as Ricardo Orrantia, President and CEO of Grupo Altavista, believes that post-Reform Mexico will see a great rise in demand for automation products. As such, he is driving his company towards an integrated set of solutions, while being absolutely confident in its skillset to cope with this great demand. “We are aware that new players will require our automation systems. As such, we are ready to adapt to their requirements for a variety of projects across the upstream, midstream, and downstream segments. For example, new pipeline infrastructure projects will call for remote monitoring solutions across the distribution of natural gas, crude, or refined products. I am certain that our services will experience great demand in the coming year,” explains Orrantia. His focus is now on transforming Grupo Altavista into a leading business-to-business enterprise that takes advantage of its internal capabilities to gain a greater share of Mexico’s expanding automation market.

Given that Orrantia’s enterprise has worked with a variety of new technologies for the oil and gas sector, Grupo Altavista is seeking to expand its portfolio in specific parts of the production chain. “Our expertise in SCADA and other control systems is already well established in our service line. However, we have started to devote significant R&D resources toward our chemical product line in order to devise solutions that can enhance the recovery process,” says Orrantia. Although Grupo Altavista is a relatively new player in the chemical solutions sector, he believes combined capabilities are the way to go as competition buffs up. Furthermore, he is confident that, after years of investment and research, the company’s chemical solutions have proven their worth in terms of operational benefits. “Grupo Altavista is focused on coming up with its own products instead of reselling those of other companies. We are constantly improving and developing new solutions with our clients so that we can deliver extensively tested chemicals that will significantly enhance specific production operations,” explains Orrantia. Having developed its own chemical solutions, Grupo Altavista is planning to build strong relationships with newcomers participating in Round One. Offering its products to new operators will enable the company to serve up advanced solutions that cater to operators’ recovery needs. “We are well aware that many operators that will be looking for strong and well-positioned Mexican champions to provide them with the solutions they need to produce here,” states Orrantia.

Grupo Altavista is also anticipating opportunities in logistics as a result of growing investment in the sector, which is yet another component of the company’s strategy towards consolidating integrated services for the Mexican oil and gas industry. “We want to be part of a larger portion of the oil and gas value chain. Beyond our current capabilities in automation, control, monitoring, and EOR with our chemical line, we also expect to become involved in exploration and production, logistics, and various well services.” At the moment, the company has a medium-sized plant in Tabasco that develops its chemical products, but an expansion is underway to swell its presence in the region. “We are getting ready for the production boom that our country will experience over the next few years. I am certain we will be able to join forces with operators that are interested in bidding on the blocks included in Round One,” says Orrantia. He is also confident that, as a fully Mexican-owned company and with important experience in the market, Grupo Altavista would make a fine partner for a company seeking to learn Mexico’s intricacies and business culture. “We are looking for solid partnerships that prioritize and value local content. Parallel to this, we are enthused to see how the coming rounds will develop, which may lead us to become operators in the future,” Orrantia highlights. As a dynamic technology-driven firm already in the game for over two decades, Grupo Altavista continues to reinvent itself in order to capture new opportunities in a number of areas that represent potential growth for the firm. Given its malleable approach, its activities have centered on understanding its clients from top to bottom. “Essentially, our target is to make Grupo Altavista a leader for innovative solutions in the Mexican oil and gas industry. That will be our main objective in the coming year,” concludes Orrantia.