Fernando Gutiérrez
Director General
View from the Top

Technology Solutions that Enhance Quality

Tue, 01/21/2020 - 17:53

Q: Who are your main clients in the Mexican market and what is Siconsa’s main differentiator? 

A: We are present wherever unique quality control is needed. Although the oil and gas market slowed down a bit in the last few years, our focus remains on the local market. One of our clients is Deacero, for which we provide gas pipe inspection services. Other clients, such as Techint and Ternium, also require inspection services for their gas installations. We also offer inspection services prior to the construction of the infrastructure. We use ultrasound equipment to check the integrity of the pipes, including painting or insulation maintenance.

Q: Why is it important to have certifications such as ASNT?

A: Certifications play a vital role in the sector. All our technicians and equipment must be certified. These certifications are something that our clients always ask for. For radiography, our technicians need a federal permit to carry out operations in order to handle radiation. As more IOCs enter the market, more companies are looking to certify their services too. Our certifications are issued or recognized by international entities, including ASME or API.

Q: Are Mexican pipeline operators more willing to invest in routine maintenance?

A: Mexican companies tend to not spend money unless they see there is a problem, making corrective solutions more popular than preventive. But this is changing and more companies are investing in maintenance, especially as more international companies ask for certifications. Mexican companies are starting to see the value in routine maintenance because it provides savings in the medium and long term. It is always more expensive when projects are done wrong, rather than investing at the beginning for a quality job.