Héctor García
Country Manager

Technology Supports Solid Track Record

Wed, 01/20/2016 - 16:21

Bechtel offers a full suite of services and participates in projects from the early stages of development through to the design, construction, start-up, commissioning, and hand-over into operations. “Our track record of performance enables us to provide certainty of delivery, which differentiates us from competitors,” boasts Héctor García, Country Manager of Bechtel. “Our customers trust us because we deliver results, and they are keen to continue working with us.” The company has over 50 years of experience in Mexico, and García calls the country an important component of the global portfolio. “We have a successful track record in energy projects, including oil and gas ventures in the Cantarell offshore field, as well as a number of combined cycle power projects and gas pipelines,” he explains. Bechtel also worked on the Mayakan pipeline in the Yucatan peninsula, one of Mexico’s largest and among the first privately financed gas pipelines in the region. On this project, the company was part-owner, operator, and EPC contractor.

In the short-term, the most active sectors for Bechtel in Mexico are gas pipelines and combined-cycle power plants such as those in PEMEX’s cogeneration program, where the company plans to bring its global experience to local partnerships. Bechtel has worked with Conoco in the LNG segment. “We have provided over a third of the world’s LNG installed capacity and are currently executing around 50% of the capacity under construction,” García asserts. In the longer term, García hopes to work with new entrants in production infrastructure installations, midstream, and facilities supporting import and export of fuel and other products. “In the current economic environment, we can help PEMEX optimize its current assets and improve efficiency through technology solutions and pinpointed capital investments.”