Silverio Cavazos
Country Manager
OSIsoft Mexico

The Value of Real-time Data Integration and Availability

Tue, 01/22/2013 - 13:40

Information is paramount in any decision-making process, and having the ability to compare real-time operating information with historical data stored in a large database provides a valuable tool that facilitates decision-making and helps companies to learn from their past experiences. OSIsoft not only delivers the resources to do this, but enhances the results by providing real-time solutions that allow the people in charge of operations to react to contingencies in a timely fashion. The company’s Mexico Country Manager, Silverio Cavazos, feels fortunate to have helped develop a flexible strategy to satisfy the needs that have arisen during this year for di†erent customers.

Cavazos believes that the oil and gas industry is experiencing an expansion period. “During 2012, we looked at a rapid growth in the private sector in Colombia, Brazil, and the Andean region. We are also looking at the possibility of an expansion in the private sector in Mexico, depending on the pending energy reform.” The agnosticism that the OSIsoft’s PI Systems infrastructure provides makes it easier to interact with the di†erent sectors of the Latin American oil and gas industry. “It helps to have a common layer of information on a real-time basis, for both the private and public sectors.”

Cavazos believes there is a trend for corporations to successfully standardize their operational and information processes. OSIsoft is helping Pemex in its execution strategy of integrating the four subsidiaries under one data infrastructure. “Pemex is only using part of the potential they can obtain from our portfolio of solutions. We are having long-term conversations with them to develop a scheme that incorporates the information flow and information sharing between its four subsidiaries. Our PI System is already implemented in the four divisions, and has shown the added-value OSIsoft provides. We are now looking to extend that service by interconnecting the information flow between the divisions.”

One way of convincing Pemex of the benefits of this total integration might be showing them what has been done for other companies around the world. “The Hungarian oil and gas company, MOL, managed to optimize its operations and production metrics after a really short time of implementing OSIsoft’s full solutions. We have also had this type of successful stories coming from Italy, Brazil, the US, among many other countries,” Cavazos recounts. “Results are starting to be delivered and noticed very quickly after the implementation: due to its complete visibility of the company’s information, key performance indicators (KPIs) can be attained almost immediately.”

Cavazos explains that the technology can add di†erent key indicators to the standard ones, and the software can be adapted to each specific operation that Pemex performs.

“OSIsoft o†ers the flexibility of implementing di†erent KPIs, with the opportunity to create them at three di†erent levels: the operational level, the management level, and the strategic level. Customization is really easy for our clients, due to the openness of our software.” This all comes together by helping clients to strengthen communication and teamwork between their employees, enabling people in charge of observing the system to react on time to any challenge. “OSIsoft keeps at the forefront with its training programs because it believes in the importance of having great human resources at hand,” Cavazos says.

The company’s favoring for open communication tools does not stop at the training level. “One of the most important functions of the PI Systems solution has to do with notifications,” Cavazos explains. “Whenever a significant event is registered by the software, it immediately sends an automated e-mail to everyone involved, so they can react in time.” In the end, companies can have all the necessary information available, since data recording and storage is included inside their operations, but if people do not know how to take advantage of this access to relevant information, then opportunities to improve performance and avoid incidents are being squandered. “OSIsoft’s benefit for the oil and gas industry is that it enables horizontal integration through the value chain,” Cavazos adds. “We have seen examples, even within Pemex, where areas that were not foreseen as part of the company’s original analysis to optimize its operations, end up being included in the real-time platform.”