Vinicio Suro
Director General

Vinicio Suro

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 15:49

Q: PEMEX is likely to partner up with an experienced IOC in the deepwater segment. Why would these players want to bring IMP into the equation?

A: IMP has unmatched expertise in Mexico. For instance, over the past decade, we have organized a group for deepwater activities that has started experimenting with different technologies. This group has proposed different projects to improve current technologies. We also had a deepwater R&D program in place since 1984. IMP’s participation so far has been limited to the Lakach project, Mexico’s first deepwater development project, where we have done some of the engineering operations. Our team has solved subsurface problems and has worked on different well completions in the area. This is the experience we can bring to the table for any company looking for complementarity when forming partnerships. I acknowledge that IMP’s experience is highly focused on just a few projects, but we have experiences that PEMEX employees do not have. In establishing an efficient partnership, a certain type of symmetry must be sought to add to the likelihood of success for the desired goals. That is how IMP can add value in the deepwater segment.