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The Week in Oil and Gas: PEMEX Gets Hacked

By Peter Appleby | Fri, 11/15/2019 - 14:13

PEMEX Held for Ransom

Mexico’s national oil company is victim to a cyberattack that has crippled the company’s computer system since last weekend. According to reports, the hacker, who goes by the name of “Joseph Atkins,” has demanded a ransom of 565 Bitcoins or roughly US$5million to be paid by the end of November. Energy Minister Rocío Nahle has publicly stated nothing will be paid.

The hacker, or group, have previously been involved in an attack against Wisconsin-based Roadrunner Transportation System Inc.

PEMEX said the attacks began on November 10 and have affected only 5 percent of the computer system. All computer operations are normal again, according to company sources.


Shell Goes Ultradeep

Shell is set to drill its first completely exploratory ultradeep well in the CS GO1 area in the Mexican Gulf of Mexico. The area won in Round 2.4 will require an initial investment of around US$90million and expectations say it holds up to 219MMboe. The well, to be known as Chibu 1, will be drilled at a water depth of 2,760m.


Diavaz Receives Unconventional Plan Approval

Mexican company Diavaz, through its subsidiary DWF, has received approval from CNH for onshore exploration of unconventional resources that will require hydraulic fracking techniques.

The approval was granted on the CNH-M5-Miquetla/2019 contract, an area located approximately 35km Northwest of Poza Rica. The plan estimates production of 108.5MMboe.


Natural Gas Should Be PEMEX’s Focus

CNH Commissioner, Alma América Porres, said PEMEX should follow in the footsteps of international companies and increase its focus on natural gas.

According to CNH data, prospective resources on the onshore areas of Sabinas-Burro-Picachos, Burgos and Veracruz, total some 30MMMboe, most of which is natural gas. However, Mexico still imports more than 80 percent of its natural gas.


PEMEX to Invest US$305.8 million in Tabasco

The NOC is set to invest US$305.8 million in exploration and production in the AE-0142-Comalcalco play in the state of Tabasco. PEMEX estimates that a baseline 36MMboe are located in the play, though that figure may rise to 136MMboe.

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