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Weighing In on Platform Development

Salvador Portilla - ALE Heavylift
Director Mexico


Wed, 01/22/2020 - 08:33

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Q: What success cases illustrate ALE Heavylift’s contribution to Mexico´s oil and gas industry?

A: In 2005, we worked on a platform project that was built by Dragados Offshore. We focused on the weighing, lifting, transportation and ballasting of a platform called QA2, which weighed over 10,000 tons. We applied Heavylift’s technology using an electronic weighing system that had been previously used in Europe and the US. At the time, the execution of this 10,000tonnes project was a challenge for petroleum and construction engineers and for the heavy-lifting market. ALE provided the necessary equipment to weigh the platform and jack up to the boat using the Stand Jacks System. After being recognized for the success of this project, we began working on many medium-size projects in Mexico. Since then, all our work has been focused on the offshore market, where we specialize in the construction of platforms. 
Q: How did you stay afloat during the industry’s downcycle when platform demand declined?

A: The company has a great commitment to its employees and we value the infrastructure the company has developed over the years. That gave us a reason to enter different fields, such as the mining sector, and we worked on refineries as well. We also participated in big transportation and civil engineering projects in Guadalajara. During this time, the energy market gave us the opportunity to set up turbines and generators which kept the company afloat. We have seen strong ocean infrastructure development this year with significant growth in platforms in the Tampico area.

ALE Heavylift offers specialized engineering teams, a large fleet of innovative equipment and operating centers that allow an intelligent and flexible approach to projects across a wide array of industry sectors.

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