Well Cutter

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 15:58

After making its first debut in February 2012 through a successful pipe cutter operation offshore for Sakhalin Energy, the Well Cutter soon gained international recognition for its novel features. The Well Cutter received the Spotlight on New Technology Award at Houston’s Offshore Technology Conference in 2012 based on its ability to perform tubular cutting without explosives, under compression or tension. The absence of explosives provides cleaner and safer cuts making this product efficient to drill pipe, liner, tubing, and casing for recovery operations. The Well Cutter uses a rotating head to remove pipe incrementally to prevent the creation of shavings. As this product produces smooth surfaces, a polishing trip with drill pipe may be saved. By being operated on e-line for accurate depth control, the Well Cutter incorporates a fail-safe mechanism that prevents the tool from getting stuck in the well. Given the absence of explosives, companies do not have to mobilize and store these offshore nor do they have to handle them on the drill floor. This advantage leads to the reduction of costs, operational risks, and administrative procedures. Similarly, rig times can be maximized as the cuts do not have to be polished or dressed prior to finishing the cut pipe out of each well.

The Well Tractor, compatible with the Well Cutter, works through an electric hydraulic power unit that feeds the drive sections while the product’s mechanical functions are entirely hydraulic. The modular structure of the drive sections allows the user to change the traction by reducing or increasing the number of active wheels. The main advantage of the Well Tractor is that it is able to overcome the restrictions of traditional e-line operations by being able to reach the bottom of a curved or horizontal well and carry out operations throughout the entire borehole.