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Where Is Apollocom Heading?

By Belinda Quijano - Apollocom
Director General


By Belinda Quijano | Director General - Tue, 03/01/2022 - 09:00

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About to turn 12 years old, our company, Apollocom, is immersed in two emblematic projects from Mexico’s federal administration, offering technology and flexibility to address any requirement.

With Apollo Communications, we integrated a corporation focused on automatization, telecom and telemetry projects into Apollo. Both companies are part of Grupo Apollo, which emerged to optimize levels of performance through broad and innovative chemical supply services addressed to the energy sector and the industry in general.

Apollocom is well known for creating and developing its own projects focusing on four sectors: automatization, telemetry and industrial telecommunications, and cybersecurity related to the operational area of these industries. At Apollocom, we have been focusing on this for about a year and a half after recognizing the great potential in these neglected sectors that we could serve through the extensive knowledge we can offer regarding automation and SCADA systems.

One of our main focuses is the oil and gas sector. We participated in the 2021 edition of the Mexican Congress of Oil (CMP), where Global Energy interviewed me as CEO of Apollocom to go deeper into the last decade of the company’s growth as well as the opportunities of the business that actually glimpse the future. We were pleased to participate in the 15th edition of the CMP and to see how PEMEX is carrying out many refinement projects. In fact, we are already working on the network installation and telecommunications of its new refinery. In addition, we are working on offshore platforms not only for PEMEX but also for private sector companies, such as Eni, Hokchi Energy and Fieldwood.

Our integral solutions in automation and cybersecurity allow us to offer state-of-the-art technology. The essence of integrating innovative and high-tech solutions is in the resulting contribution to developing different perspectives. We’ve also evolved and adapted as the pandemic threatened our economic stability. To that end, we started to diversify. We have a contract to connect the systems that will allow the fuel terminal to operate at the Felipe Ángeles Airport in Santa Lucía as well as the passenger terminal where we are in charge of the project management. This led us to the opportunity to discover a new branch of business.

It is a fact that the core business of Apollocom relies on the oil and gas sector and the reactivation of this industry will face an important junction after the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the one hand, the new projects that are emerging within the country thanks to the boost from PEMEX and the spike in oil prices will represent a positive acceleration of plans that were already ongoing to improve the production of hydrocarbons and refinery. On the other hand, are the terminals area. They are going slowly but there definitely is an intrinsic need in the country. Undoubtedly, we will reach an important point where the interests of both public and private initiatives and oil prices will converge.

Being immersed in the most emblematic project of the Mexican administration, we have a certificated work team that offers our clients the best technological combination of the different producers to adapt to their necessities and the time when they require them. Another important characteristic of the company is our flexibility, since we could easily understand the requirements of our clients to adapt the logistics time, equipment transfer and to attract people who could help to develop the integral solutions we will provide, scenarios which sometimes take a great deal of time.

Taking into account that Apollocom works closely with PEMEX, the commitment of both companies, and of the country in general, is to introduce technology that will make processes easier and more efficient at the best possible cost and with the benefit of generating integral solutions that could accelerate the growth and development of the industry.

Photo by:   Belinda Quijano

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