Oscar Duque
Accounts Manager North America

Wilder Horizons Require Tailored Solutions

Tue, 07/03/2018 - 09:14

With an expected uptake in deepwater operations in Mexico, the international community is excited by the emerging frontiers in the offshore market. Oscar Duque, Regional Key Account Manager for North and Central America at Houstonbased offshore service provider Trelleborg, says his company is already trying to obtain exposure in Mexico, anticipating the launch of activities. “The potential for deepwater operations in Mexico is highly attractive for our business, more so due to our extensive experience in the offshore and subsea markets and our global presence that will allow us to be closer to our clients,” he says.
Although the potential is great, Duque says the development of a new offshore market demands time, as the risks involved are quite high. But now is the moment for a company to strengthen its presence. “Normally, oil and gas production in deepwater takes between four to five years to reach first oil and our expectation is that this should be similar in Mexico.” 

That being said, Trelleborg is laying the foundations to become a leader in Mexico in the deepwater segment once its services are required. “In Mexico, we are in the process of establishing our brand and ensuring people are aware of the benefits we bring to the table,” Duque says. “Our market is very niche-based, so our strategy always involves 
visiting  potential customers when a market starts unfolding to present our products, how they are used and how they can help companies to overcome their challenges while creating value for clients.” He believes the company’s entry at this moment gives it a competitive advantage and allows it to make sure potential clients know Trelleborg’s brand and have it in mind once operations start. In fact, Duque says, it is already setting itself apart by sharing its deepwater experience from the North Sea with PEMEX in terms of topside safety and fire prevention and protection. 

Trelleborg’s offshore operation is characterized as an innovator and early adopter and Duque emphasizes the fact that the company is always looking for new challenges in critical applications, allowing it to apply one of its core capabilities; polymer engineering. “We are always looking for new ideas, sharing them with clients and then looking for ways to accelerate our clients’ businesses by working together as partners,” he says. 

For the Mexican offshore market to become sustainable in the long term, it could look to benchmark countries that have successfully developed this sector, like Norway and Brazil. “Long-term commitment from the largest key stake-holders in the market is a key to success.”