Vernon Murray
President Latin America
View from the Top

Willing Partners with Compelling Purpose

Sun, 05/06/2018 - 15:29

Q: How does Emerson provide a greater added value to the Mexican market?

A: Emerson capitalizes on three main areas. The first is to develop cutting-edge technologies, with a strong focus on the needs of the oil and gas industry. The second is our strong presence in the country. We have been in Mexico for more than 65 years and have several factories and more than 12,000 employees here. Emerson supports the Mexican market by developing local experts who have a deep understanding of the sector. Finally, Emerson has experience working around the world with all the international players coming into Mexico. We know how these companies operate and execute projects; we can meet their expectations and align with their way of working and we understand local market conditions.

Q: What makes the Mexican oil and gas market an attractive business opportunity for Emerson?

A: Mexico’s growing local consumption of hydrocarbons and its proximity to the US and Canadian markets make it an extremely attractive market opportunity for Emerson. We can provide a wide array of technologies and services to help develop this sector in the short term and ensure efficient, safe and reliable production, refining and transportation of hydrocarbons. While today the opportunities in Mexico are materializing mostly in the midstream segment, we see big potential in the longer term for working with the upstream and downstream sectors.

Q: How can Emerson’s solutions help the midstream sector in Mexico?

A: Emerson provides solutions from level one to level three of the standard automation process. Level one, related to measurement, has been the foundation of Emerson’s process manufacturing business since its inception and remains a key focus today. In the midstream sector, our technologies are used to measure and control custody transfer and to measure tank pressure and temperature. Level two is related to data acquisition and interpretation. The interpreted data is used for safety instrumentation systems and with our PK controller, developed in-house, to provide a higher degree of control. Finally, level three relates to business intelligence and management gathered and developed in the previous two levels and leveraging the tools from those levels. For this level, Emerson offers the midstream sector a unique package of analyzed data for pipelines and terminal management that can design and execute invoicing, payroll and balance and control inventories. This package is used all over the world and we are adapting it to the local market so customers can get the highest added value while complying with all regulations and market specifications.

Q: Where do Emerson technologies fit best in relation to Mexico’s aging infrastructure?

A: Emerson technologies and services can be implemented in projects related to both new and old infrastructure. We are sending a clear message to developers looking to revamp old infrastructure: take advantage of the infrastructure you have today, using level one measurement tools to improve operational safety and productivity with the use of Internet of Things technologies. Every installed piece of infrastructure has multiple points of temperature, pressure and flow measurement but if levels two and three of our automation services are not in place, none of that information can be used for the kind of decision-making that leads to improvements designed to achieve Top Quartile performance, defined as operations and capital performance in the Top 25 percent of peer companies.

As for new infrastructure, Emerson offers a Project Certainty methodology and portfolio of tools and technologies that help reduce the execution complexity of any project, allowing EPCs to undertake their operations in less time and with lower costs. One clear example is the deployment of our tools and instruments onsite. While traditionally this would take from hours to days as well as an army of workers, depending on the control systems to be installed, with our Project Certainty approach, this now takes anywhere from five to 12 minutes with just a couple of workers.