A Year of Growth for Mexico’s Oil & Gas Sector
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A Year of Growth for Mexico’s Oil & Gas Sector

Photo by:   Maria Lupan
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Cinthya Alaniz Salazar By Cinthya Alaniz Salazar | Journalist & Industry Analyst - Thu, 12/23/2021 - 17:36

Mexico’s oil and gas sector is on track to have one of its best years, which has been largely enabled by technology applications. As the sector steps into 2022, PEMEX is also lining up the acquisition of Deer Park and continued growth.

Meanwhile, industry leaders reflect on a year of growth, the rollout of technology applications and new market opportunities.


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Mexico is On Track to Increase Oil Production in 2022

The industry may receive more investment and tackle some of its most pressing challenges, potentially turning 2022 into one of its best years.

US and Mexico ready to Close Deer Park Refinery Acquisition

After failing to reach an agreement last week, Deer Park was revalued at US$596 million and its acquisition by PEMEX is likely to close early next year.


Industry Trends

Essential Offshore Player Finishes Another Great Year in Mexico

Luis Navarro, Country Manager, Heerema Marine Contractors, detailed the changes the company underwent this year, which he says put the company in a beneficial position.

“We achieved these two straight years of success despite logistical difficulties imposed by the pandemic, which affected offshore crew changes and the onboarding of international specialized personnel into Mexico,” said Navarro.

Dos Bocas’ Premier Private Port Gears Up to Enhance Operations

Roca Ventures' Pablo Nieto explains how the company is improving its docks to benefit the growing oil and gas market in the neighboring Dos Bocas area.

“We are ready for the growth we expect in 2022 and can meet the needs of the expanding offshore industry for the next five years,” said Nieto.

Mexico’s Less Identified Upstream Opportunities

Citing his breadth of international experience, XWELLS’ Pol Palacios said Mexico’s potential is off the charts and mostly untapped.

“Mexico represents a wealth of opportunities in a context that is much more developed than what we have seen in other countries. We support new players, while operating on behalf of entities who require our expertise” said Palacios.

The New Frontiers of Seismic Acquisition

Robin Ellis, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sercel Inc., provided a valuable update on the latest technologies being developed by his exploration experts.

“We are the global leaders in seismic technologies. Our WiNG Nodal Acquisition System continues to have the most advanced sensor, featuring MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) accelerometers with broadband capacities. Whereas the existing traditional moving coil geophone products have been limited to imaging ranges of 5 to 200 hertz, our MEMS sensors can acquire data from 0 to 400 hertz,” said Ellis

Photo by:   Maria Lupan

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