Leonardo Beltrán
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Leonardo Beltrán
Non-resident Fellow
Institute of the Americas
After the pandemic, energy integration will be the most efficient path to economic recovery and deep decarbonization.
Oil platform
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Another oil major to make a write down but one analyst believes prices could hit US$190 in the future
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Justin Taylor
Halyard Inc.
The oil & gas industry uses massive amounts of barite, a mineral that can be found aplenty in historic tailings dams.
offshore platform structure
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A study from Cayros Group evaluates the best offshore structures for different types of field development plans.
Oil platform heading out to sea
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More COVID-19 cases in US states and other countries could eviscerate oil’s recent gains.
gema ing. francisco manjarrez
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Francisco Manjarrez
Director of Operations
"Coatzacoalcos is an attractive option for us, especially as Dos Bocas becomes saturated and its shortage of waterfront space becomes more…
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The top news in oil and gas this week.
Ships at Sea
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The industry already has to contain COVID-19, while dealing with increasing piracy and an attempted attack on a PEMEX refinery
victor escalante cfo Constructora y Perforadora LATINA
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Víctor Escalante
Constructora y Perforadora LATINA
"For our staff and our leadership committees, the current situation is an opportunity for us to apply once again the lessons of the past"
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