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PEMEX CEO signing a contract
Weekly Roundups
After million-dollar fines for emissions, PEMEX announced that it will stop flaring at Ixachi.
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CNH approved exploration plans for TotalEnergies, Eni, Repsol and Shell. CRE approved 43 permits for selling gasoline and diesel.
PEMEX and NFE CEOs Holding a Contract
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New Fortress Energy and PEMEX finalized agreements to develop and operate an integrated upstream and natural gas liquefaction project at Lakach.
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According to PEMEX’s CEO and officials, flaring will stop completely at Ixachi by January 15, 2023.
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According to CRE, LP gas prices have decreased for three consecutive weeks across the country.
John Padilla, Managing Director, IPD Latin America
View from the Top
John Padilla
Managing Director
IPD Latin America
For the oil and gas industry to attract the investment it needs, the promotion of competition and fiscal incentives are necessary, says John Padilla.
CFE Helicopter
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The country is looking to create an energy reserve for emergencies.
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Seemingly pressured to meet production goals, PEMEX has taken the risk of possible fines and environmental damage.
Gasoline dispenser
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The commission had accumulated over 800 stalled permits. CRE has approved more permits this year than the two previous ones together.
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