AMLO Back to Business After Procedure/Journalist’s Murder
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AMLO Back to Business After Procedure/Journalist’s Murder

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Sofía Hanna By Sofía Hanna | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 01/24/2022 - 11:00

AMLO's health. After having undergone cardiac catheterization, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that he is in good health after the procedure last Saturday. "I thank the people who cared about my health. I am very well, and they have already given me license to apply myself thoroughly, to continue working with intensity." He added that if he were to die at some point, there is a political testament that seeks to guarantee the country's political stability and avoid ungovernability in Mexico. "I have had a will for some time now and as president, I added a text to it, that, in the event of my death, continuity in the consensus of information is guaranteed and that there is no ungovernability and things happen smoothly, without affecting the development of the country, always guaranteeing stability and progress in the project we have started."


4T. López Obrador said that his first tour, now that he is feeling better, will be to various states of the Mexican southeast to supervise the progress of the Mayan Train construction. He also said on March 21, the Felipe Ángeles International Airport, one of his administration’s megaprojects, will be inaugurated. Following that, an expert report will be made related to the decision to build the airport, located at the Santa Lucía airbase. "The facts will show that the decision made not to build or not to continue building the airport in Lake Texcoco was a good one, for many reasons." Originally, Mexico City’s new international airport was to be located at Lake Texcoco but López Obrador nixed that, citing costs among other factors, despite the development having been well underway.


Murder of Lourdes Maldonado. López Obrador lamented the murder of journalist Lourdes Maldonado, which occurred on Sunday afternoon in the city of Tijuana, Baja California. "We have to continue fighting for a fairer, more fraternal, more humanitarian society,” López Obrador said. He added that a thorough investigation into the motive for the murder would be carried out to determine if there was any connection to a complaint the journalist had filed against Jaime Bonilla Valdez, former governor of Baja California. No evidence has been reported implicating Bonilla in the murder and no charges have been laid.


Maldonado had requested protection because of her lawsuit against the former governor, MORENA politician and businessman. On Jan. 19th, she won her case for unjustified dismissal from one of Bonilla’s companies, First News System (PSM). Maldonado had attended the daily conference of President López Obrador in Mexico City in March 2019, where she asked for help with the case because she said she feared for her life.





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Photo by:   GOBMEX

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