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Austerity law / AICM Terminal 2

By Karin Dilge | Wed, 07/27/2022 - 11:45

Austerity law. President López Obrador said that the austerity law has not been enforced, because public officials have filed amparos in order to receive high salaries. Moreover, he mentioned that his government will send reform initiatives to the austerity law.

Furthermore, the President informed that during his government approximately MX$2 trillion (US$97 billion) have been saved and with the aim to generate more savings, additional austerity measures will be taken and enforced. This will consist in reducing federal government´s expenses, mainly by decreasing trips abroad and travel expenses.

AICM Terminal 2. President López Obrador said he will present the assessment results for Mexico City International Airport´s Terminal 2 (AICM). The President said his government is analyzing the possibility of reconstructing the terminal´s building due to a structural fault.

On Monday, AICIM’s runway 5C/23L reopened after being closed for 10 hours due to a pothole on the pavement. The air terminal reported that intense rains and plane’s constant landings caused a hole on the runway.

It is a critical area and it needed to be immediately closed for repair. After ten hours of repair works the runway was reopened and aerial operations resumed. During the closure, a total of 35 flights were affected, some with delays and others were canceled.

Cuban doctors. Due to Mexico´s medical staff deficit, Cuban doctors were hired, nevertheless, the president said they will not be sufficient to cover the many job vacancies and his government will look to hire doctors from other countries. Moreover, the president assured that they will receive the same salary offered to Mexican doctors.

On Monday, 60 Cuban medical specialists arrived in the country and López Obrador stressed that with their arrival the Mexican health system will begin to improve. The president stressed that more doctors will arrive soon, as the Cuban government has agreed to send an additional 500 specialists. Moreover, López Obrador emphasized that the government plans to hire even more foreign specialists if the 500 doctors are insufficient to guarantee the right to healthcare to the Mexican population.


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Karin Dilge Karin Dilge Journalist and Industry Analyst