Rodolfo Castro Valdez
Minister of Finance
Baja California
Expert Contributor

Baja California Stands Out in National Performance Evaluation

By Rodolfo Castro Valdez | Wed, 08/05/2020 - 09:27

The government of Baja California, headed by Jaime Bonilla Valdez, is among the best administrations in the country, according to an evaluation carried out by the federal Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) of the implementation and operation of the Results Based Budget (PbR) and the Performance Evaluation System (SED).

The PbR-SED Ranking annually measures the capacity of a government to exercise public resources, prioritizing the results and benefits to citizens. As Morena's first government in Baja California, things are being done with planning, will and work.


On June 2, 2019, Bonilla Valdez won the election to the Baja California governor's office as a candidate of the Together We Will Make History coalition, with the party Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (Morena). From that moment on, they began to plan the new guidelines, structures and programs that would support the change, for which so many people had joined the project and who wanted a new stage in Baja California history.

From the month of July 2019 until October of the same year, they embarked on the process of generating a Results-Based Budget, which would result in the creation of programs, structures and identification of resources that would allow the building of a foundation to realize the commitments of, at that time, Governor-elect of Baja California Bonilla.

The transition team designed and validated the Indicator Matrices for Results (MIR), in order to unify the efforts and guidelines on this issue. 


Once the Bonilla government transitioned, the General Guidelines were issued to address austerity and financial discipline in the budget, based on 2020 results. Among the guidelines were values ​​such as efficiency, discipline, responsibility for resources and direction of actions to meet defined goals, always for the benefit of the Baja California community.

With all the members of the government in March on the same page, a new MIR format was designed in the Planning, Programming and Budgeting System (SPPP). In addition, the technical indicator sheets were re-framed to design a new system applied to the entire governmental system. 

By ordering all programs and MIR, they were registered by the Ministry of State Finance to integrate the Annual Operational Program (POA), which later resulted in the Expenditure Budget of the State of Baja California for the Fiscal Year 2020, making history through the most significant reduction in spending in the last 30 years.


The Ministry of Finance and Public Credit of Mexico has carried out the evaluation that unveils the progress achieved in the implementation and operation of the Results Based Budget (PbR) and the Performance Evaluation System (SED), based on the information provided by the governments of the Federal Entities, Municipalities and Territorial Demarcations of Mexico City, in compliance with the provisions of article 80, third paragraph of the Government Accounting Law. 

The PbR-SED evaluation is carried out through the analysis of institutional and operational capacities at public entities for the proper implementation and operation of the PbR-SED.

What does the PbR-SED evaluation measure in federal entities?

The SHCP prepares the progress report annually and measures the capacity of a government to:

1. Exercise public resources and prioritize the results and benefits for citizens.
2. Optimize the use of budgetary resources to provide greater benefits to the population.
3. Improve the quality and transparency of budget information, its destination and results.


In the present evaluation carried out by the SHCP, Baja California placed fourth nationally, with an advance reading of 82.8 percent, well above the national average of 62.8 percent. This allows us to affirm that history is being made in budgetary matters and fulfilling the commitment of an orderly, austere and efficient Treasury. 

The Gobierno en Marcha (Government in Motion] headed by Bonilla is the government stemming from Morena that is best positioned in this diagnosis. In comparison, other states such as Puebla were positioned at levels below Baja California. Puebla was in sixth place, Mexico City was in 11th place, Chiapas was in 22nd, Tabasco in 24th and Veracruz was in 27th place.

An effect of this achievement can be seen in the Annual Indicator of the SHCP Alert System, which gave Baja California a green light, a result that supports the management led by Gov. Bonilla, since the state had never before achieved a green light in the annual evaluation.

The excellent position of the administration of Gov. Valdez, just eight months into office, is proof that it is an administration that achieves results. It is a government that does not stop, which will leave a legacy in Baja California of good administrative, political and social practices. It is a government on the move.