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Cabinet Discrepancies / Sonora’s Agenda / Applauds Facebook

By Ricardo Guzman | Thu, 08/06/2020 - 12:04

Acknowledges discrepancies in Cabinet. After being questioned about Minister of Environment (Semarnat) Víctor Manuel Toledo’s criticism of other federal officers, President López Obrador acknowledged there are discrepancies in his Cabinet, since there is not a single mindset. “There are discrepancies in our Cabinet, everyone has an opinion,” he said after Toledo lamented contradictory decisions regarding the so-called fourth transformation (4T) government, where agribusinesses are being favored over the environmental agenda. “I am responsible for making decisions and not the ministers. So, I always seek harmony, listen to everyone and decide,” he said.

Development program for Yaquis. President López Obrador said that he is preparing a comprehensive development and urban improvement plan for Yaqui communities, an ethnic group that has been historically neglected. “Today, I am committing to start a comprehensive development program in Yaqui communities. It will be a historic act of justice,” he said.

Homicides, Sonora’s Achilles' heel. Sonora Gov. Claudia Pavlovich said that the northern state is ranked 25th nationwide for crime despite a decrease in homicides. “They are our Achilles’ heel. We are not used to it and we are not going to get used to it,” she said. President López Obrador highlighted the coordinated effort with Sonora’s government during his morning briefing in Ciudad Obregon, where Minister of the Navy (Semar) Rafael Ojeda Durán explained that synthetic drugs, fentanyl and methamphetamines stand out among all drugs seized in the state.

Applauds Facebook decision. President López Obrador celebrated Facebook’s new measures to prevent anonymous meddling in electoral campaigns. The president praised the decision to make public the contracts and accounts used to denigrate public figures. “It is very important, a step toward transparency. Hopefully, Twitter will do the same,” he said.

State of Union adapted to social distancing. President López Obrador said he will give his second State of the Union speech on Sept. 1 at the National Palace, abiding all social distancing protocols. He noted that a written report will be sent to Congress.



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Ricardo Guzman Ricardo Guzman Editor