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Calls for Investigation in Guanajuato / US Visit Moves Forward

By Ricardo Guzman | Mon, 06/29/2020 - 12:34

Calls for investigation in Guanajuato. President López Obrador lamented the release of José Antonio “El Marro” Yepez’s mother by a local judge and said that what is happening in Guanajuato is “very strange” and based on inefficiencies and corruption. “There is always talk of alleged criminals being released because the investigation was not properly conducted. This is a way of concealing an agreement,” he said. The president announced an investigation into the release of María Ortiz, who was the financial operator of the Santa Rosa de Lima cartel. She was in possession of MX$2 million in cash and 1kg of methamphetamines when she was arrested nine days ago.

US state visit moves forward. President López Obrador said he does not have a “problem of conscience” for his plan to travel to Washington to meet with his US counterpart, Donald Trump. “Yes, I am going to travel to the United States. I think we will define the date today. The reason is to participate in the free trade agreement’s entry into force,” he said. The president noted that he is open to being tested himself for COVID-19 for the first time, if asked to do so before meeting President Trump. López Obrador said he has not ruled out using an Army or Navy aircraft for the visit instead of using a commercial flight as he has done since the start of his administration.

Worst of crisis is over. President López Obrador said the worst part of the economic crisis is over, and that the country will bounce back. “Everything indicates that we have hit bottom and are now heading back to the surface. We are going to emerge and grow economically,” he said. The president noted there were 20.5 million workers registered in IMSS before the pandemic started and 550,000 had lost their jobs in April. For May, the number of jobs reported lost totaled 340,000 and, according to June’s preliminary reports, this figure won’t pass 100,000 terminations. He said from there, a steady recovery process would begin.

Twitter head to explain bots. Twitter Mexico head Francisco Jimenez has accepted an invitation to attend the daily morning briefing to report on bots, President López Obrador said. “Twitter’s director accepted the invitation. He will join us to explain if he can control the sale of messages and the use of robots in dirty campaigns,” he said. The president said there must be a line drawn between censorship and “ethical” freedom of speech.

Rules out canceling ‘El Grito.’ President López Obrador ruled out canceling the traditional Independence Day ceremony known as “El Grito” despite the COVID-19 health contingency, but said that the format will be reviewed for the Sept. 15 celebration. Questioned on a decision by the governors of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila and Queretaro to cancel all celebrations to avoid crowds, the president said it would be unacceptable not to commemorate the historic date.


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