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Carlos Slim to Rebuild Line 12/New Fake News Section

By Sofía Hanna | Wed, 06/30/2021 - 11:39

Metro Line 12. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that he is extremely grateful to billionaire businessman Carlos Slim for offering to rebuild the section of Mexico City Metro Line 12 that collapsed. “Carlos Slim is not going to wait for the judicial review. They are going to begin to agree with (Mexico City Head of Government) Claudia (Sheinbaum), with the engineers of the commission in charge so that in a year, as we said, the line will be working here again for the benefit of the people. I thank you and hopefully other businessmen will act like this.” López Obrador added that he would be talking with Sheinbaum regarding a tour of the capital to review all the lines and ensure their safety.


Fake news. López Obrador announced that Ana García Vilchis has been named Director of Networks of the General Coordination of Social Communication and Spokesperson for the Presidency. As part of her new position, she will attend the daily briefing and address what news is false and what is not. Previously, García was editor of the newspaper “La Jornada.” López Obrador said García would oversee a section during La Mañanera, on Wednesdays, where she will address certain news reports. “It will be a section dedicated to making known the lies that are made known through the media, conventional and from the networks, so that we can count on information … have a very conscious citizenry,” López Obrador said.


National Guard anniversary. López Obrador commemorated the second anniversary of the constitution of the National Guard. “It is an important day because in a short time, this institution is fulfilling its duty, it is growing. But it is not only a quantitative matter but also of quality, qualitative, there are already 100,000 guards, 100,000 members of the National Guard.” He added that 165 barracks have been built so far, and another 266 are expected to be built this year, a feat López Obrador said had not been achieved in previous presidencies when the federal police did not have enough facilities.


No mañanera. AMLO announced that there would be no morning news conference tomorrow (Thursday) to celebrate his three years in office. Instead, he will deliver the quarterly report on the government’s progress. “(It has been) three years since the triumph and there will be a report, as we do every three months, at 11 in the morning. Tomorrow there will be no morning briefing.”





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