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Challenges Jalisco Gov. Alfaro / No Further Oil Reduction

By Ricardo Guzman | Fri, 06/05/2020 - 11:25

Challenges Alfaro to prove accusations. After Jalisco Gov. Enrique Alfaro suggested that the federal government promoted violence during yesterday's protests over the death of a construction worker, President López Obrador said he does not interfere in partisan affairs, and asked Alfaro to prove what he said. “I have political and ideological differences with the governor of Jalisco, but I act responsibly and do not interfere in partisan affairs. I have no intention of affecting local authorities,” he said. The president regretted the death of 30-year old Giovanni López after he was arrested by the Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos police, allegedly for not wearing a mask.

Rules out federal investigation. President López Obrador ruled out launching a federal investigation into construction worker Giovanni López’s death and the clashes between police and protesters that followed. “We will not give any reason to speculate that we want to harm the government of Jalisco,” he said. The president insisted that his administration will never use force. “Nothing by force. That is what President Juárez said,” he stated.

No further oil reduction for Mexico. Prior to the new negotiation with OPEC+, President López Obrador said Mexico will not further reduce its crude oil production, since it has already cut 100,000 barrels per day. “OPEC members have already been informed of our stance,” he said. The president lamented that Mexico complied with April’s agreed reduction, but not other countries. “We have already closed oil wells to fulfill our commitment. This was viewed favorably by OPEC and non-OPEC countries,” he said.

Acknowledged inefficiency in COVID-19 reports. President López Obrador acknowledged that there is a problem of inefficiency in the process of counting COVID-19 cases. “There is a delay. This lag has to do with inefficiency, but also with the emergency situation, because those in charge of the health sector are dedicated full time to saving lives,” he said. Regarding Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell’s projection of 35,000 total deaths from the pandemic, the president said he respects him. “Well, he has his projections and we respect him,” he said.

Rejects energy bill forgiveness. After requests to forgive energy bills, President López Obrador said CFE’s forgiving Tabasco’s energy consumption debt early in his administration was due to a unique situation. “We cannot stop paying because CFE is sustained by that,” he said. The president said that he remains intent on delivering his commitment to not raise the price of electricity, gasoline, diesel or gas.


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