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Child Prostitution in Mexico/No Prison for Tax Crimes

By Sofía Hanna | Tue, 10/26/2021 - 12:26

Pandemic status. Deputy Minister of Prevention and Health Promotion Hugo López-Gatell announced that October was the third consecutive month in which there has been a reduction in the parameters of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We have been reducing (rates) for three consecutive months, to the point that we have less than 1 percent of active cases. The same holds true for hospitalizations: occupancy is 84 percent lower; less than a fifth of COVID beds are being used.” López-Gatell also said that only 0.15 percent of schools have reported COVID cases since returning to face-to-face classes in September. Finally, discussing vaccinations, he said: “We have made very good progress. We are about to finish the goal, which is for all adults to have at least the first dose. Only municipalities in the northern part of Puebla remain and this will happen today and tomorrow.”


Child prostitution. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador addressed the issue of child prostitution in the country, saying that in certain communities where this occurs, there is “a great reserve of cultural, moral, and spiritual values, the culture that has always saved us. I don’t think there is social decomposition where there is culture and in the indigenous communities, there is much culture. In Oaxaca, in Guerrero, they are among the most cultural people in the world.” He also said that regarding this issue, there is “a very classist and racist tendency to accuse the poor of all evils.”


López Obrador made the comments following a tour of Guerrero where he noted that an awareness campaign is needed in the La Montaña area to end the sale of minors based on customs and traditions.


Attack on UNAM. For the fourth consecutive daily briefing, López Obrador voiced his discontent with the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). This time, he asked reporters to count how many treatises, books, or essays have been published on the corruption that prevailed during the neoliberal period. López Obrador began his attacks against UNAM last Thursday, which he accused of having “turned right” and not having been “up to the task” during what he calls the “neoliberal period.”


Tax ruling. The Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) invalidated preventive detention for tax crimes, a ruling López Obrador said protects those involved in corruption, although he added that his government would respect the decision. “It is to continue protecting the minority and punishing only those who do not have handles, influence, or do not have the means with which to buy their innocence. It seems that they did not act well.” López Obrador did point out, however, that the decision also demonstrated that there is a division of powers in Mexico, an achievement that he attributes to the so-called “Fourth Transformation” of public life in Mexico.




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