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Contract Signed for Plane / Details Aircraft Costs

By Ricardo Guzman | Mon, 07/27/2020 - 12:07

Contract signed for the presidential plane. A contract to sell the presidential plane has already been signed and a first payment has been received; however, if a better deal is reached then this contract will be invalidated, President López Obrador said. “There is already an advance payment from one of the buyers and a signed contract; however, there is a clause that allows another buyer to take it, if there is a higher bid,” López Obrador said during the morning briefing held at Military Base 19, the former presidential hangar, and in front of the plane that arrived last week from California. The president said the goal is to make sure the luxury aircraft goes to the best offer as soon as possible, but in line with its market price.

Plane tour, costs detailed. After today’s daily briefing, President López Obrador and Ministry of National Defense (SEDENA) Luis Sandoval toured the aircraft with media detailing its operation and characteristics. Sandoval reported that management expenses for former President Enrique Peña Nieto’s tours, including jet fuel, maintenance, crew salaries and insurance, totaled MX$408.4 million. Sandoval said SEDENA will pay Banobras MX$1.93 billion pesos this year to close a leasing contract signed eight years ago. President López Obrador said that instead of being named José María Morelos y Pavón after the Independence hero, the aircraft should be named after Carlos Salinas de Gortari or Porfirio Díaz, since they are closer to what that “insulting” aircraft represents.

US$1.7 million for maintenance. Costs for preserving the presidential plane in the US reached US$1.7 million but now the aircraft is in better shape, Banobras head Jorge Mendoza said. “SEDENA and Boeing did a great job to preserve and maintain the plane,” he noted, referring to the time the plane was parked in California as the government unsuccessfully searched for a buyer. Regarding the so-called “plane raffle,” 25.51 percent of the tickets have been sold, amounting to MX$765.4 million, National Lottery (Lotenal) head Ernesto Prieto said.

Inequality is the worst virus. President López Obrador said Mexico’s transformation must continue despite the global COVID-19 pandemic because inequality is one of the worst viruses there is. “We are suffering from a pandemic that sadly has produced many deaths, but we must not abandon the fundamental purpose of transforming Mexico,” he said. The president explained that “inequality is one of the worst viruses that there can be,” while corruption “is the most fatal plague.”


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