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COVID-19 Contagions Rise/Mexicans ‘Must Vote’ on June 6

By Paloma Duran | Tue, 06/01/2021 - 11:14

COVID-19 cases are rising in Mexico. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that some states and municipalities are seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases; however, he assured that the number of deaths has maintained its decreasing trend. "Fortunately, the pandemic is being controlled. Although there are some states, municipalities, where lately there has been a bit of contagion, it is already being addressed and, in general, there is a decrease of COVID-19 cases in the country." In addition, López Obrador said that the vaccination plan is helping to reduce the impact of the new cases and highlighted that the government has administered 38 million doses.

25 percent of adults have been vaccinated. Deputy Minister of Health Hugo López-Gatell emphasized that 1 in 4 adults, 25 percent of the adult population, in Mexico has been vaccinated. Minister of Health Jorge Alcocer added that vaccination has brought hope and calm to the Mexican population. “The efficacy of vaccines in reducing virus infections is beginning to be evident. Gradually, we are recovering and returning to normality," said Alcocer.

Mexico in ninth place worldwide for the largest number of COVID-19 vaccines administered. Minister of Foreign Affairs Marcelo Ebrard announced that Mexico has received 40 million COVID-19 vaccines and that it ranks ninth worldwide in most doses administered. “Every week, we are vaccinating more and, therefore, we are advance our placement. Last week, we had a lower position. "

Schools will be a safe place for children who experience domestic violence. Minister of Public Education Delfina Gómez Álvarez said that cases of domestic violence increased during the pandemic, especially due to confinements. Therefore, she said, schools will help children to have a safe place outside their homes. López Obrador said that a safe return to classes is planned to avoid COVID-19 contagions. “Just as the right to health must be guaranteed, the right to education must be guaranteed. They are two pillars of well-being,” said López Obrador.

AMLO calls on Mexicans to vote on June 6. López Obrador emphasized that the only way to truly transform Mexico is if citizens vote in the June 6 elections. López Obrador explained that fear was a common practice before the elections so that people would not vote, but now that has changed and people are being convinced to go vote. “It is very important to make democracy a reality. Next Sunday, people have to go to the polls to exercise their right to vote and elect authorities. They have to do it freely and secretly to avoid any fraud or corruption.” In addition, the president asked that authorities and institutions not intervene in the election or favor any candidate or political party.

Suspects in the murder of candidate have been arrested. López Obrador announced that yesterday the authorities arrested suspects in the murder of Alma Barragán, who was a candidate of the Citizen Movement for mayor of Moroleon, Guanajuato. She was shot on May 25 while campaigning. “Now that we are in this electoral process, some candidates have been attacked and, unfortunately, women and men have lost their lives. In all cases there are detainees allegedly responsible. We will constantly report on the progress of their cases and we will seek to deliver justice to the victims.” López Obrador said that more information about those responsible for Barragán's murder will be given later at a conference, which will also provide information on other cases.

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Gobierno de México, Milenio
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