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COVID-19 Contagions Rise/New Gas Company

By Paloma Duran | Thu, 07/08/2021 - 11:29

COVID-19 cases on the rise. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador asked Mexicans to get vaccinated and take care of themselves as COVID-19 contagions are increasing, especially among the young population. “There is an increase in infections, especially in young people even though they are more resistant to COVID-19. There is also more contagion in some states; fortunately, we have made significant progress in our vaccination plan.” López Obrador highlighted that the number of deaths had stabilized; however, this could change if Mexicans do not respect health measures, he added.

Vaccination at the border. Minister of Security and Citizen Protection Rosa Icela Rodríguez announced that 51.03 percent of the population in the border states has been vaccinated and that the government expects to finish the vaccination campaign in August. "The objective of vaccination in these municipalities is to reopen the border between Mexico and the US, which has been closed for more than a year for non-essential activities due to the pandemic." In addition, Icela announced that from July 20 to 24, the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine will be applied in several municipalities of Coahuila and Nuevo Leon.

Pension program. López Obrador celebrated that starting today, the necessary age to receive the Pension for the Wellbeing of the Elderly program is 65. In addition, the amount that the elderly will receive has been increased to MX$1,550 (US$77.69) per month. “The objective is to contribute to the well-being of the elderly. Contribute to improving their living conditions and access to social protection," López Obrador said.

AMLO will visit five states over the weekend. López Obrador announced that he will visit Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatan and Quintana Roo to supervise the progress of the Mayan Train. In addition, he announced that he will again hold security meetings outside the capital. The first meeting will be on Monday in Villahermosa, Tabasco. “We are going to restart meetings in the states to address security issues. Now we can go to the states and work from there, as the election season is over."

Corruption in the Mexican courts. López Obrador applauded that the President of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation Arturo Zaldívar recognized that there is corruption in the Mexican courts. López Obrador emphasized that the first step to improving the justice system is to recognize the problem. “I was pleased to hear that corruption in the Mexican courts is a reality. No one had accepted it before. A reform is needed so that corruption stops reining in the judges.”

Distribution of Gas Bienestar will begin in three months. López Obrador announced that gas distribution by the new company Gas Bienestar will begin in three months in Mexico City. “We are already planning the start of its distribution in the capital. We have the resources and now we just have to work on the last details. "

Recently, López Obrador announced the creation of Gas Bienestar, a state company, which will distribute 20 and 30kg gas cylinders. The government announced that it seeks to provide a fairer option by creating a new alternative in the market as prices are increasing. López Obrador said that it will not affect existing companies, since fair competition in the market will be promoted.

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Gobierno de México, Milenio
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