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COVID vaccine arrives / Va por México

By Sofía Hanna | Wed, 12/23/2020 - 10:58

COVID-19 vaccine is here. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced that the COVID-19 vaccine has arrived in Mexico. “Tomorrow, the vaccination will begin; of course, it is the first shipment, the first doses,” he said. “Today, (officials) will define the strategy to start tomorrow.” López Obrador added that even though the vaccine will only be officially available in Mexico City and Saltillo, the government will try to send some doses to nearby states like Hidalgo and Monterrey. AMLO also said that the first group considered for the vaccine will be medical staff and that the overall distribution plan is still being reviewed.


PAN, PRI and PRD alliance. Asked about the alliance between three of the country’s main political parties, PAN, PRI and PRD, AMLO said he thought it was a natural situation. However, he clarified that he is not supporting any particular candidate in next year’s midterm elections but that the will of the people should be respected in the vote. He added that he would be sending a formal letter to governors asking that they maintain a clear electoral process that is free of corruption. PAN and PRI integrated the new group a few weeks ago, with the PRD joining later. The official name of the alliance is “Va por México.”


Support for Tabasco. President López Obrador said the government had started delivering the first packages of household goods to the 205,000 families who were affected during floods in Tabasco that severely impacted the state and its people. The packages contain stoves, refrigerators, pans and other electrical appliances. The president said that the administration is trying to put together more packages to help the families as soon as possible, but “there is no production; there is no capacity in the plants. We wanted them to be delivered on these dates, but there is no production and we don't want to buy them outside.”


Job loss in December. President López Obrador released the number of jobs lost in December, which totaled up to 80,000. He said that this was a setback in terms of all the jobs that had been recovered since August, but that it could be because, during December, those workers who are outsourced often get fired, so that companies do not have to pay bonuses or benefits. The number of jobs lost since the COVID-19 pandemic started is around 600,000.



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