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Cyberattack on SEDENA/New Report on the Ayotzinapa Case

By Karin Dilge | Fri, 09/30/2022 - 12:27

Cyberattack on SEDENA. A group of hackers got inside the army’s system and disclosed various documents, among them, the state of President López Obrador’s health. The president minimized the relevance of this information claiming that everything is public domain.

The media outlet LatinUs reported that the alleged hack was made by activists that stole six terabytes of information from Sept. 2016 until September of this year. In addition, these leaked documents disclosed contracts of the army, security operatives and the state of health of President López Obrador, who admitted he has several medical conditions. In regards to the president’s health, he was taken to a hospital on January 2 due to a heart condition and hypothyroidism. Other key documents concerning the army´s deployment across the country as well as the use of airships were disclosed.

New report on the Ayotzinapa Case. Three days after the 8th anniversary of the disappearance of 43 students in Ayotzinapa and the resignation of special attorney Omar Gómez Trejo, the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) reported that communication between the military and members of Guerreros Unidos.

The report of the GIEI mentions at least 12 messages that were exchanged between Guerreros Unidos and members of the army also involving the navy, the state police and municipal presidents and law enforcement. Furthermore, the GIEI complains about the lack of commitment from SEDENA in delivering all documents on the case and the interference of the Attorney General's Office (FGR) for the Special Unit of Investigation and Litigation of the Ayotzinapa case (UEILCA).

President López Obrador said he has always worked together with Attorney General Alejandro Gertz Manero, Minister of National Defense Luis Cresencio Sandoval and Minister of the Navy José Rafael Ojeda regarding this case.

 Job creation after the pandemic. President López Obrador informed that 800,000 jobs have been created after overcoming the worst stage of the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, only in Sept. 166,000 formal jobs have been created.

During his morning conference, López Obrador assured that the country’s economy is growing and that the only concern right now is to control inflation. Moreover, he estimated that if the tendency continues, soon the number of formal registered jobs will reach 21,600,000, one million more jobs prior to the pandemic.

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