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Deal on Outsourcing Reform/Hydrocarbons Law

By Sofía Hanna | Fri, 04/23/2021 - 13:01

Outsourcing reform. Carlos Salazar Lomelín, President of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE), said that an agreement had been reached on outsourcing reforms that will benefit the country and its workers without affecting competitiveness. “It is a unique agreement and businessmen have always been against companies that abuse the system, in this or any other year. We are against any Mexican, whether a businessman or otherwise, who does not comply with the law.”

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare Luisa María Alcalde  announced that with this reform, MX$ 100 billion (US$5 million) would be distributed to companies. In his remarks, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador revealed that the reform will be published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) today. “There is a period of 90 days for companies to regularize; if it is published today, the reform will be applied before August.”


Child abuse by Morena deputy. López Obrador addressed the case of Morena Deputy  Saul Huerta, who has been accused of child abuse. “As President of the Republic, I condemn any sexual abuse, hate crimes, femicides, abuse against the dignity of anyone,” López Obrador said.  “Since I took office, I have said there would not be impunity, not even for my family. Whoever commits a crime has to be punished.”


Hydrocarbons Law. The Senate has approved the Hydrocarbons Law, which the president applauded. “This will avoid this lack of control because more than a thousand fuel import permits were granted by the previous government. Many were eliminated. There should be about 80 permits.”





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