Disinformation in the Ukrainian-Russian War/Rescue of Mexicans
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Disinformation in the Ukrainian-Russian War/Rescue of Mexicans

Photo by:   Gobierno de México
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Paloma Duran By Paloma Duran | Journalist and Industry Analyst - Mon, 02/28/2022 - 12:07

AMLO points to disinformation in the Ukrainian-Russian war. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador emphasized that a central issue in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is disinformation, especially since many Russians are told that they are not invading but helping. “The disinformation from some media is impressive. We made our position known, condemning the intervention and clarifying that we cannot stay silent on interventions because we were also invaded in the past. We do not support any invasion.”

Russia has been accused of launching massive disinformation campaigns in the war against Ukraine, especially among Russian citizens. According to the Association of European Experts, false videos and photos have circulated claiming that Ukraine initiated the violence and plans to further attack the territories of Luhansk and Donetsk. Furthermore, Western aid to Ukraine has been accused of being full of lies and wanting to destroy Russia. Although many posts and people promoting disinformation have been removed from social media, experts say a large volume of disinformation is constantly being created.

Nationals who were in Ukraine will be returned to Mexico. López Obrador announced that a plane sent to rescue Mexicans who were in Ukraine has landed and was only waiting for the right conditions to take off safely. “I have information that the plane has already arrived to rescue our people. It arrived around 7 a.m. Now, we are waiting for their departure because we want them to leave safely. If there is a confrontation, it is better to wait."

Yesterday, the first flight of the Mexican Air Force departed to rescue Mexican nationals who were in Ukraine but escaped to Romania. So far, no information has been given on how many Mexicans are on the flight. However, last week, Mexico's Ambassador to Ukraine Olga Garcia said there are 225 Mexicans registered in Ukraine, most of them in Kiev. Of all the compatriots, it has been reported that 50 managed to reach the Ukraine-Romania border, while 90 remain in conflict zones. The others could not be contacted. The Mexican government and Garcia assured that Mexicans will not be abandoned and that they will be evacuated if they wish.

Shooting in Michoacan. López Obrador said that yesterday's attack in Michoacan was not an execution of civilians but a confrontation between groups. In addition, López Obrador noted that authorities have found skullcaps and evidence of injuries, but not 17 bodies as reported in the news. “The first thing we will do is wait for the information. The report that the Michoacan Prosecutor's Office sent us is that they have not found bodies, but there are indications that there was a confrontation. The case caught my attention; I hope it is not so serious.”

Yesterday, it was reported that a group shot 17 people at a funeral in San Jose de Garcia, Michoacan. According to social media, armed civilians lined up people and shot them. There has been no official report from the authorities. However, local media reported that seven people survived.

AMLO: INE is not fulfilling its democratic duty. López Obrador accused the National Electoral Institute (INE) of not respecting the Constitution as it is not promoting the revocation of mandate referendum. “It is very weird that the revocation of the mandate is not being promoted. There is no information. Do you hear someone calling people to participate? There is nothing. It is okay not to call to support a party or candidates. There is no problem with that, but this is information. It is a citizen's right."

López Obrador has constantly promoted the revocation of mandate referendum that will be carried out on April 10, even though it cannot be promoted by politicians or parties, only by INE. López Obrador said that he has to promote it because INE is not doing its job and is even allocating fewer resources than those established by law. For its part, INE said it is doing everything necessary to guarantee the rights of citizens. However, it made some changes since it does not have enough financial resources after its 2022 budget was cut. Regarding the accusations of not promoting the referendum, INE said that it was not true and that discussion forums will be held at the national level to inform the population and to education them about the different positions.

Photo by:   Gobierno de México

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