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Electoral Ban Begins/COVID Update

By Sofía Hanna | Mon, 04/05/2021 - 11:52

Election ban begins. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that starting today, he will only discuss general issues during the morning press conference, such as corruption. AMLO made the statement as a series of legal restrictions related to political propaganda came into force ahead of the country’s legislative elections on June 6. “We are not going to present the videos of works in progress because the electoral ban has already begun. We are going to talk about general matters, which have to do with corruption. I think that is allowed. We can talk about health, education, security and civil protection.” While López Obrador said he would refrain from mentioning political parties in the runup to the June vote, he did offer a caveat: “If they are distributing (food packages) to buy votes, I am going to say so because I have to defend democracy and we cannot remain silent.”


COVID-19. AMLO addressed the situation regarding COVID-19 and said the government was waiting to see statistics related to the Easter holiday. “There has been a decrease in infections,” he said. “We also have to wait for the effects (of the Easter holiday) given that many people left at Easter. We must see what situation this vacation has produced, which is also understandable.” Addressing his own health, AMLO said he would not get the COVID vaccine after his doctors had told him that he has a high number of antibodies and that, for now, it is not essential that he get vaccinated.


Backs a return to physical schooling. López Obrador mentioned once again the importance of students returning to face-to-face classes. “We cannot leave children alone, in front of televisions, that must be transitory because the effect has not been analyzed, but it is certainly not the same as school and face-to-face education,” he said.




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