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Enough Money/Mexico’s Priorities

By Sofía Hanna | Fri, 02/12/2021 - 11:04

COVID-19 vaccines. President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said there is no need to discontinue public works and construction projects to afford vaccines. “We are going to move forward, we have enough for vaccines, we do not have to cancel projects. It is a matter of continuing to clean up the government of corruption.” He mentioned that approximately MX$1 trillion (US$50 billion) has been saved by preventing corruption and this is the money that will be used to buy all the vaccines needed and to continue infrastructure plans.


Contracts with private prisons. AMLO said that he has been negotiating with Mexico’s private prisons to get a 20 percent discount on government contracts. “We are reviewing those contracts. I have already told the Ministry of Public Security and the legal adviser that there must be a minimum discount of 20 percent; we need to save around 3 billion a year at minimum.”


No more bricks in the wall. López Obrador applauded US President Joe Biden’s decision stop construction on the controversial border wall started under former President Donald Trump’s administration. “We strongly agree that the construction of the wall should be canceled; this is an issue that we applaud because the wall has been under construction for some time. Now, President Biden has decided that he is no longer going to build the wall on the border, so it is a historical fact,” AMLO said.


Resources lost to crime. The president talked about the need to return stolen wealth to the people. He said that there would be an investigation to determine the amount of money lost to crime. “I gave the instruction this morning that I want us to report (during the daily news briefing) how much (wealth) has been seized since we arrived; I want to know where that money is. Soon, we will report on this issue, how much has been obtained by organized crime and white-collar crime.”


Mexico’s priorities. AMLO outlined are six priorities for Mexico moving forward: “End corruption and strengthen moral, cultural and spiritual values; eliminate economic and social inequality; strengthen the countryside, the agricultural sector; strengthen the electricity and oil industry to be self-sufficient and not have to buy fuel abroad; take advantage of the comparative advantages that we have for the T-MEC; and finally, tourism.”



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Gobierno de México
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