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Explains Stand on Protest / Agreement with US on Border

By Ricardo Guzman | Mon, 09/21/2020 - 11:01

Protest controlled to prevent provocations. After protesters from the National Anti-AMLO Front (FRENAAA) this weekend were prevented from reaching the Mexico City Zocalo (the city’s main square), President López Obrador said it was the Mexico City administration that decided to stop the demonstrators with the goal of preventing any provocation. “We don't want any act of provocation, no confrontations; we want everything to be carried out peacefully,” he said. The president added that those who are still camping on Reforma Avenue have the right to demonstrate and highlighted that there has been progress in their approach, since they went from protesting in cars to staying in tents. “They are no longer demonstrating in cars; they are moving forward because they are using tents,” he said. López Obrador said that he hoped that the FRENAAA leaders are not staying in hotels but that they are indeed staying in the tents, pointing out that that is what he did a number of times when he was fighting for social rights.

New agreement on US border. President López Obrador said Mexico and the US had reached a new agreement on land transit at their border in the face of the COVID-19 contingency plan. “Today, (Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard) announced that an agreement was reached with the United States government. Over the weekend, both President Donald Trump and (US Secretary of State) Pompeo said that the relationship with Mexico is very good, that it just can’t get any better,” López Obrador said and noted that Ebrard would detail the new agreement tomorrow. So far, only essential travel has been allowed at the Mexico-US border to keep trade going.

PROFECO reports on gasoline stations. Over 27 gasoline pumps with irregularities were reported during last week’s verification, head of the Office of the Federal Prosecutor for the Consumer (PROFECO) Ricardo Sheffield said. “We found 27 pumps with irregularities this week, 12 of those were in Tihuatlan, Veracruz,” he said during his weekly report on gasoline stations.  Sheffield noted that the brands that sell the most expensive fuel in Mexico are Chevron, Redco and Arco, while the cheapest liters in the country are from Total, G500 and Orsan.

Says PAN behind dam protest in Chihuahua. After a lasting protest in Chihuahua’s La Boquilla dam, President López Obrador said that it seemed to be a PAN rally and not a true fight for water, referring to the opposition political party. “It is already very clear that this movement, supposedly in defense of water, is a partisan movement with a view to the elections. It is like a PAN rally,” he said and explained that the participation of PAN Sen. Gustavo Madero proves it. “He (Madero) has aspirations to be that party's candidate for governor,” he said.

Responds to letter. After a letter signed by 650 writers and artist asking him to respect freedom of speech and stop naming outlets and journalists in his daily briefing was released last week, President López Obrador read a new letter signed by a group of citizens in response to the first one. Under the title “For freedom, and against those who want to privatize words,” the group of AMLO supporters highlight that in this administration “no one has been pressured to keep silent, and that the public debate is more alive than ever.” After reading the entire document, the president lamented that this new letter was not as widely distributed as the previous one, and insisted that those who now criticize him are silent, dishonest and colluding with the group that left Mexico in tatters.



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