Feud with Corral Escalates / Texas Gov.’s Letter Unveiled
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Feud with Corral Escalates / Texas Gov.’s Letter Unveiled

Photo by:   Presidencia de la República
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Ricardo Guzman By Ricardo Guzman | Editor - Fri, 09/25/2020 - 10:54

Corral is attacking the National Guard. Deputy Minister of Security Ricardo Mejía presented a detailed report of a network of politicians and farmers who allegedly have monopolized water in Chihuahua. “There is a network of politicians hoarding water and alleged criminals linked to this whole plot,” he said during today’s morning briefing at the National Palace. He said that they are putting at risk a water agreement with the US. Mejía stated that this is not “a spontaneous movement,” adding that the real goal of Chihuahua Gov. Javier Corral is to attack the National Guard and thus affect the national interest. “As a result of the events in La Boquilla, and even before, he (Corral) has allowed a comprehensive campaign against the federal government, and especially against the National Guard,”  Mejía said. The official said that Corral “has deceived farmers and other governors” by giving them false information about the ongoing dispute at the La Boquilla dam.  

Texas governor’s letter is now public. President López Obrador discussed a water agreement between Mexico and the US and made public a letter sent by Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, lamenting noncompliance by Mexico. “(The treaty) obliges us to comply with the delivery of a percentage of water from the Rio Grande,” the president said alongside Deputy Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) Roberto Velasco and National Water Commission (Conagua) head Blanca Jiménez. Velasco detailed that in the letter dated Sept. 15, Abbott highlights that Mexico “won’t be able to comply with the agreement and the country is retaining water in both domestic and international dams.”

Six changes at Conagua. President López Obrador announced the appointment of six new officials at the National Water Commission (Conagua) to replace six senior officials who resigned from the agency yesterday. “Director Blanca Jiménez is ratified. We fully trust her. We are strengthening the commission with prepared, honest people who are not linked to special interest groups,” he said. Yesterday, the president announced a “cleaning” at Conagua in both local and federal offices, since he said it had been “taken over” by PAN party members.

Assesses changes in Afores. President López Obrador will analyze which workers can have access to a percentage of their retirement savings in advance, given the COVID-19 pandemic. He said the Senate is already analyzing an initiative to standardize commissions for retirement funds (Afores) and that businesses are increasing their contributions. “Employers are increasing the percentage of their contributions for workers' pensions because in the neoliberal period, to be exact with (former President Ernesto) Zedillo, a reform was enacted against workers,” he said.

Presents analysis of critical media. President López Obrador said that his administration has always respected the press, and that the 66.3 percent of columnists writing in traditional newspapers are against him. “It is a falsehood to say that there is no freedom of speech, that freedom is not guaranteed, that freedom of the press is threatened. Never has a president been attacked so much since the time of President Madero,” he said, referring to former President Francisco I. Madero who was assassinated in 1913. During his traditional daily briefing at the National Palace, López Obrador presented his own analysis in which he concluded that 66.3 percent of columnists in national outlets are against him and thus, against his so-called Fourth Transformation movement. López Obrador lamented that El Financiero, Reforma and El Universal and other newspapers always have a negative opinion of his administration. On the other hand, La Jornada treats him well, he said.



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Photo by:   Presidencia de la República

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